What was the unreleased music track named that was found in the GTA 5 single player DLC?

By Divya Jun 25, 2024 #Story DLC #Sweet Valley
What was the unreleased music track named that was found in the GTA 5 single player DLC?

## GTA 5’s Unreleased Story DLC Music Track Discovered

**h3>Trevor’s Secret Agent Mission**

GTA V fans have unearthed a captivating piece of music from a cancelled story DLC that would have featured Trevor as an undercover agent. The track, titled “Clifford,” was created by Sweet Valley, a musical duo known for their contributions to GTA V’s radio stations and missions.

This discovery sheds light on Rockstar Games’ original plans for single-player DLC before the overwhelming success of GTA Online. According to Trevor’s voice actor, Steven Ogg, he had motion-captured scenes for a DLC where Trevor infiltrated a secret organization, much like James Bond. Despite these plans, the DLC never materialized, with many of its concepts being incorporated into the “Doomsday Heist” expansion for GTA Online.

## The Mystery of “Clifford”

The name “Clifford” appears as an internal file name associated with Trevor’s expansion and has since been officially introduced in GTA V as the AI network in the “Doomsday Heist.” It is unclear whether the AI came first or was inspired by the DLC, but it is believed that elements of Trevor’s story were repurposed for the online update.

## Unveiling the Unreleased Track

Sweet Valley posted the “Clifford” track on their Patreon account in 2021, revealing that it was originally composed for the cancelled GTA V expansion. The track’s file name, “Clifford 2 May 29,” suggests that it was the second track created for the DLC.

## Fan Reactions and Speculations

The discovery of “Clifford” has sparked a surge of excitement and nostalgia among GTA fans. They lament the loss of the planned story DLC and speculate on what other secrets may have been hidden within the game’s files.

## Future of GTA Single-Player DLC

Despite the success of GTA Online, there are rumors that Rockstar Games may still be considering single-player DLC for GTA VI. However, given the similar fate of GTA V’s DLC, it remains uncertain if this will come to fruition.

## Conclusion

The discovery of “Clifford” provides a glimpse into the unfulfilled potential of GTA V’s single-player experience. While it may not have come to light as intended, it serves as a testament to the creativity and passion of the developers at Rockstar Games. As fans await the eventual release of GTA VI, they can only wonder what other surprises and expansions the series has in store.

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