What off-road accessory company could Isuzu potentially partner with for branded approved accessories in Australia?

What off-road accessory company could Isuzu potentially partner with for branded approved accessories in Australia?

Isuzu’s Potential Partnerships for Off-Road Accessories


Isuzu Ute Australia, a leading manufacturer of pickup trucks and SUVs, is considering forming a partnership with an off-road accessory company to expand its offerings to Australian buyers. Such a move would align with the growing trend among automakers to provide customers with a wider range of accessories designed specifically for their vehicles.

Potential Partners

Isuzu has not yet identified a specific partner, but potential candidates include well-known companies such as:

  • ARB: The Australian-based off-road accessories giant is renowned for its premium-quality bull bars, suspension systems, and other gear.
  • TJM: Another Australian company, TJM specializes in off-road accessories for both pickup trucks and SUVs.
  • Ironman 4×4: A leading manufacturer of roof racks, winches, and other off-road accessories, Ironman 4×4 has a strong presence in the Australian market.

Benefits of a Partnership

A partnership with an off-road accessory company would offer several benefits to Isuzu Ute Australia:

  • Expanded product range: Customers would have access to a wider selection of accessories designed and tested specifically for Isuzu vehicles.
  • Branded approval: The accessories would be endorsed by Isuzu, ensuring their quality and compatibility with Isuzu vehicles.
  • Warranty coverage: The accessories would be covered by the same warranty as Isuzu vehicles, providing peace of mind to customers.

Ford’s Success with ARB

One key factor driving Isuzu’s consideration of a partnership is the success of Ford’s collaboration with ARB. In 2021, Ford launched a program to sell ARB accessories through its national dealer network. This program has been well-received by Ford customers, who appreciate the convenience and quality of the ARB products.

Customer Demand

The growing popularity of off-roading and adventure travel in Australia is creating a strong demand for accessories that enhance vehicle performance and functionality. By partnering with an off-road accessory company, Isuzu Ute Australia would capitalize on this trend and provide their customers with the products they need to make the most of their vehicles.


Isuzu Ute Australia’s exploration of a potential partnership with an off-road accessory company is a strategic move that would benefit both the company and its customers. By offering a wider range of branded-approved accessories, Isuzu can enhance the appeal of its vehicles and meet the growing demand for adventure-oriented products. With several strong contenders in the industry, Isuzu is well-positioned to form a partnership that will drive success in the Australian market.

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