What Impact Did Fair Go Have on the Underdogs and Why Was It So Beloved in New Zealand?

What Impact Did Fair Go Have on the Underdogs and Why Was It So Beloved in New Zealand?

Fair Go’s Final Farewell: A Legacy of Empowering the Underdogs

For 47 years, Fair Go has been a beacon of hope for New Zealanders seeking justice and fairness in the face of corporate giants or bureaucratic labyrinths. As the beloved consumer rights show prepares to air its final broadcast, we delve into its profound impact on the underdogs and the reasons behind its enduring popularity.

Standing Up for the Little Guy

Fair Go’s unwavering commitment to fighting for the “little guy” has been its defining characteristic. Whether it’s exposing dodgy tradespeople, holding businesses accountable for deceptive practices, or advocating for consumers who’ve been wronged, Fair Go has always been a formidable ally for the underdog.

“It’s a moment because someone wasn’t being listened to. They tried everything they could possibly try,” says Pippa Wetzell, Fair Go host. “And then to have someone come beside them and say ‘we’ll go into bat for you’, or say ‘we’ll help you fight for this’, and how meaningful that is, it’s huge.”

A Powerful Voice for the Voiceless

Fair Go has provided a platform for countless individuals and small businesses who felt their concerns were being ignored. Through compelling storytelling and thorough investigations, the show has given voice to the voiceless, exposing wrongdoing and demanding accountability.

“Fair Go has always been about the little guy. It’s about the people who don’t have a voice. It’s about the people who are being taken advantage of,” says Kevin Milne, former Fair Go presenter. “And it’s about giving them a voice and giving them a chance to fight back.”

Empowered Consumers and Inspired Advocacy

Fair Go has not only helped solve individual consumer issues but has also raised awareness of important consumer protection issues, leading to legislative changes and improved industry practices. The show’s investigations have sparked public outrage and forced businesses to reassess their practices, empowering consumers and inspiring advocacy groups to take action.

“Fair Go has changed the way that New Zealanders think about consumer rights,” says Sue Foley, former Fair Go presenter. “It’s made people more aware of their rights and more willing to stand up for them.”

End of an Era, Legacy Remains

While Fair Go’s television broadcast may be ending, the legacy of the show will live on. TVNZ has announced that the Fair Go brand will continue within its news and current affairs division, utilizing digital platforms to continue its mission of consumer protection.

As Fair Go’s final episode airs, we bid farewell to a show that has made a tangible difference in the lives of countless New Zealanders. Its legacy as a champion of the underdog will continue to inspire future generations to fight for fairness and justice.

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