What advanced capabilities do UFOs have when transitioning from air to sea according to Tim Gallaudet?

By Priyanka Jun 28, 2024 #marine science #UFOs
What advanced capabilities do UFOs have when transitioning from air to sea according to Tim Gallaudet?

UFOs: Hiding Underwater

Retired US Navy officer Tim Gallaudet offers intriguing insights into UFOs’ advanced capabilities, particularly their ability to transition between air and sea. These observations illuminate a national security threat while hinting at profound scientific implications.

USS Omaha Incident: A Mysterious Disappearance

In 2019, the USS Omaha encountered a UFO off San Diego. The enigmatic object vanished into the ocean, highlighting the need for increased vigilance and research. The Pentagon’s confirmation of the incident underscores the urgency of addressing this phenomenon.

Government Transparency in Question

Gallaudet expressed concerns over the Department of Defense (DoD)’s reluctance to sound the alarm regarding these unidentified objects. He suggests the potential suppression of information by the government.

Scientific Exploration: Uncharted Territory

Gallaudet’s report for the Sol Foundation argues that investigating these transmedium events is scientifically valid. Objects defying current technology and physics demand exploration, potentially leading to new discoveries in marine science.

Defying Physical Laws

Pilots and military equipment have recorded objects transitioning between air and sea in ways that defy human-made technology and physical limitations. These observations underscore the pressing need for further investigation.

A National Research Priority

Gallaudet emphasizes the necessity of making transmedium UAP and USOs (unidentified submersible objects) a central focus of national ocean research agendas. Addressing the security and scientific implications of these phenomena is a paramount concern.

Government and Expert Response

Despite the establishment of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), its reports have faced criticism for being inadequate. Former intelligence officer David Grusch provided testimony about secretive programs aimed at reverse-engineering UFO technology.

Investment and Collaboration

Gallaudet advocates for increased investment from the government, academia, and the private sector to explore underwater UFOs. This collaboration could not only enhance national security but also advance marine science through groundbreaking discoveries.

Conclusion: The Mysterious World Beneath

Tim Gallaudet’s insights offer a glimpse into a mysterious world that lies beneath the waves. The presence of UFOs capable of transitioning between air and sea presents a formidable challenge to our understanding of technology and physics. Embracing a spirit of scientific exploration and collaboration is crucial to unraveling the secrets that may lie beneath the ocean’s surface.

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