Mark Your Calendars: What is the Release Time of Manor Lords in Different Time Zones?

**Mark Your Calendars: Unveiling the Manor Lords Global Release Schedule**

The highly anticipated medieval city-builder, Manor Lords, is poised to descend upon gamers worldwide on April 26. To ensure your immersion into this historical tapestry, we present the official release times across the globe.

**Steam Early Access Launch**

The Manor Lords adventure begins on Steam Early Access on Friday, April 26. Get ready to don your armor, raise your tools, and embark on an epic medieval journey.

**Preload Status**

At this juncture, no official preload is available for Manor Lords. However, as this is a one-person developed early access title, the initial download size is anticipated to be manageable.

**Global Release Times**

To cater to eager gamers in all corners of the world, Manor Lords will launch simultaneously at the following times:

  • PDT – 6am, April 26
  • EDT – 9am, April 26
  • BRT – 10am, April 26
  • BST – 2pm, April 26
  • CEST – 3pm, April 26
  • SAST – 3pm, April 26
  • EEST – 4pm, April 26
  • EAT – 4pm, April 26
  • IST – 6:30pm, April 26
  • SGT – 9pm, April 26
  • CST – 9pm, April 26
  • JST – 10pm, April 26
  • AET – 11pm, April 26
  • NZST – 1am+1, April 27

**Ready for the Conquest**

For those eager to join the Manor Lords community ahead of launch, the game’s Steam page is now open for wishlisting. Our comprehensive early access review provides a glimpse into the captivating experience that awaits.

To ensure a smooth launch, consult our Manor Lords system requirements guide and delve into our beginner tips and tricks for a prosperous start in your medieval realm.

Stay connected with us via Google News for the latest PC gaming updates, or subscribe to our PCGN deals tracker for exclusive offers. As the clock ticks down to Manor Lords’ arrival, prepare to forge your legacy in the annals of medieval history.

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