How is the World Bank aiding Afghanistan amidst humanitarian crisis and economic challenges?

How is the World Bank aiding Afghanistan amidst humanitarian crisis and economic challenges?KABUL, AFGHANISTAN - SEPTEMBER 29: People wait to withdraw money outside a bank on September 29, 2021 in Kabul, Afghanistan. It has been a month since the banks started operating in Afghanistan, but despite this period, the activity of these banks has not returned to normal. (Photo by Husnul Mahab Azizi ATPImages/Getty Images)

## World Bank Bolsters Afghanistan’s Resilience Amidst Humanitarian Crisis

Amidst the ongoing humanitarian crisis and economic challenges in Afghanistan, the World Bank has stepped forward to provide much-needed assistance. On May 2, the international financial institution announced a grant of USD 84 million to Afghanistan, aiming to address various pressing issues facing the nation.

### Economic Crisis and Livelihood Support

A significant portion of the World Bank’s aid will be directed towards tackling the severe economic crisis that has gripped Afghanistan. The funds will support livelihood projects, providing employment opportunities and promoting economic growth. The bank aims to create jobs and improve service delivery in rural and urban areas, fostering self-sufficiency and reducing poverty.

### Empowerment of Afghan Women

Recognizing the importance of gender equality, the World Bank will allocate resources to initiatives that empower Afghan women. These programs aim to enhance women’s participation in the workforce, improve their access to education, and provide support for their economic empowerment. By investing in women’s potential, the World Bank seeks to promote social justice and contribute to the overall development of Afghanistan.

### Climate Change Mitigation

Environmental concerns are also addressed by the World Bank’s assistance. Funds will be invested in projects that mitigate the effects of climate change, protect the environment, and promote sustainable practices in Afghanistan. By supporting these initiatives, the World Bank aims to build resilience to climate-related challenges and ensure a cleaner, healthier future for the Afghan people.

### Support for Returning Migrants

The World Bank’s grant will also aid in the reintegration of Afghan migrants returning to their home country. With a steady flow of citizens displaced by conflict and economic hardship, the bank’s support will provide vital assistance for housing, employment, and other essential services. This assistance will facilitate a smooth and successful transition for returning migrants, promoting stability and social cohesion.

Ministry of Economy’s Welcome

The Ministry of Economy of Afghanistan has welcomed the World Bank’s assistance, expressing its potential to spur economic growth and create jobs. The ministry acknowledges the importance of implementing projects that prioritize employment creation and service delivery, addressing the challenges faced by the Afghan workforce.

Public Perspective

Citizens of Kabul, the Afghan capital, have expressed gratitude for the World Bank’s support. They emphasize the need for additional aid and call for its transparent distribution to reach those who are most in need. As the humanitarian crisis continues to unfold, such assistance is crucial for alleviating the suffering of the Afghan people.

### Resumption of International Aid

The resumption of operations by international organizations, including the World Bank, provides a glimmer of hope for Afghanistan’s economy. Their presence and support are vital for rebuilding efforts and fostering long-term stability. The World Bank’s aid package represents a significant step in the right direction, providing essential assistance to the Afghan people as they navigate these challenging times.

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