How does Bumble’s Opening Moves feature provide women with more control over starting conversations?

How does Bumble's Opening Moves feature provide women with more control over starting conversations?

Bumble’s Opening Moves: Empowering Women in the Digital Dating Landscape


In the realm of online dating, where traditional gender roles often dictate the pace and initiation of conversations, Bumble has emerged as a trailblazer in empowering women. With their signature “Make the First Move” feature, the app has revolutionized the way women connect with potential partners. Now, Bumble is taking this empowerment to new heights with the introduction of Opening Moves, giving women even more control over their dating experiences.

Expanding the Notion of “Make the First Move”

Opening Moves empowers women to set the tone for conversations, breaking away from the norm where they typically had to initiate contact with generic messages. This feature allows them to craft thought-provoking questions that their matches can respond to, adding depth and intention to the initial connection.

Benefits of Opening Moves for Women

  • Increased Control: Women have the choice to shape the conversation right from the start, setting boundaries and expectations.
  • Enhanced Confidence: Opening Moves empowers women to take the lead, fostering their self-assurance and making them feel more comfortable in the dating process.
  • Improved Conversation Quality: The questions posed by Opening Moves encourage more meaningful and engaging conversations, weeding out superficial exchanges.
  • Reduced Time Commitment: Women now have the option to make the first move only when they’re genuinely interested, saving time and effort.

Insights from Bumble’s Research

According to Bumble’s research, nearly half of women surveyed expressed a desire for more options in initiating conversations on dating apps. Opening Moves fulfills this need by providing them with a non-intrusive and personalized way to connect.

A Broader View of Compatibility

Beyond Offering Opening Moves, Bumble is also expanding its compatibility algorithm. Users can now select multiple dating intentions, such as “fun, casual dates” or “long-term relationships.” This allows them to convey their aspirations more clearly, matching them with individuals who share their goals.

A Refreshed User Experience

To complement the new features, Bumble has unveiled a refreshed brand identity. The updated logo, bold fonts, and vibrant colors reflect the app’s commitment to providing a modern and user-friendly experience.


Bumble’s Opening Moves feature is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to empowering women in the digital dating landscape. This innovative tool gives women more choice, control, and confidence, making their dating experiences more fulfilling and equitable. As Bumble continues to evolve, it will undoubtedly remain at the forefront of the movement towards a more inclusive and personalized approach to online dating.

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