How can Sunita Williams return to Earth if Boeing Starliner delays its return? Exploring NASAs dilemma and potential solutions

By Divya Jun 25, 2024 #NASA #Sunita Williams
How can Sunita Williams return to Earth if Boeing Starliner delays its return? Exploring NASA's dilemma and potential solutions

NASA faces a dilemma: Sunita Williams stranded in space as Boeing Starliner delays return

NASA finds itself in a predicament as Sunita Williams, an Indian-origin astronaut, remains stranded aboard the International Space Station (ISS) due to persistent technical issues with the Boeing Starliner spacecraft. The planned return date has been indefinitely postponed, leaving uncertainty over when Williams and her fellow astronaut, Butch Wilmore, will be able to return to Earth.

Boeing Starliner’s recurring problems

The Boeing Starliner spacecraft, on its maiden crewed mission, has encountered several problems since its launch on June 5th. During its approach to the ISS, five maneuvering thrusters malfunctioned, preventing a close approach. Boeing engineers managed to revive four of the thrusters through software rewrites and procedure adjustments, allowing the spacecraft to dock successfully.

However, concerns persist about the Starliner’s ability to return safely. The spacecraft has experienced helium leaks and a sluggish propellant valve, raising doubts about the reliability of its propulsion system. NASA and Boeing are conducting further tests to investigate these issues.

NASA’s contingency plan: SpaceX’s Crew Dragon

With the Starliner facing ongoing issues, NASA is considering a potential rescue mission using SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft. While technically feasible, such a rescue would require precise planning and execution to ensure the safety of the astronauts involved and the complexity of orbital mechanics.

Logistics also present a challenge. Currently, there is no available docking port for a Crew Dragon spacecraft, requiring NASA to maneuver the Starliner away from its current dock using the Canadarm robotic arm to clear the way for the Crew Dragon.

Sunita Williams’ extended stay in space

Sunita Williams, a seasoned astronaut with three space missions under her belt, faces an extended stay on the ISS. The original return date of June 14th was postponed to June 26th, and now, that date has also been indefinitely pushed back. The Harmony module’s limited fuel capacity means that the Starliner can only stay docked for 45 days, narrowing the window for a safe return.

Boeing’s reputation on the line

The Starliner’s problems have put a dent in Boeing’s reputation. The company had been counting on the success of this mission to establish itself as the second company capable of ferrying astronauts to the ISS, alongside SpaceX’s Crew Dragon.

Delays and technical issues have plagued the Starliner program for years. The additional cost overruns, estimated at $1.5 billion beyond the initial $4.5 billion NASA contract, have further damaged Boeing’s credibility.

NASA’s cautious approach

NASA is taking a cautious approach, prioritizing the safety of the astronauts aboard the Starliner. The agency is conducting thorough testing and analysis to identify and resolve all technical issues before authorizing the spacecraft’s return.

NASA knows that the longer the Starliner remains in space, the greater the risk of additional problems. However, the agency is committed to ensuring the safe return of Williams and Wilmore, even if it means a further delay in their homecoming.

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