How can players obtain Diancie for free in Pokémon GO without any time restraints?

Free! Pokémon GO will give away this unique creature to all players

Pokémon has grown so much that it now boasts more than 1000 different creatures. Some of them are very difficult to obtain, such as the legendary or mythical ones. The good news is that one of them will return to Pokémon GO, and you’ll be able to get it without spending money.

Special Research grants access to Diancie

Every year, Niantic organizes the Pokémon GO Fest in the middle of the year, and the 2023 one allowed players who bought a ticket the chance to catch the Jewel Pokémon. But very soon, all players of the game will be able to obtain a specimen for free.

That’s right, all free-to-play players will finally be able to add Diancie to their Pokédex, the unique creature featured in the annual event of the 2023 edition, thanks to a Special Research, composed of steps that, when completed, will offer an encounter with Diancie.

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Mega Energy for Mega Diancie

As with other research tasks of this kind, which grant access to a unique Pokémon previously unlockable through a paid ticket, those who bought it and have already obtained the creature (Pokémon GO Fest 2023 event) can claim the Special Research and receive their rewards. They won’t have another chance to get another Diancie but instead will receive Diancie Candy.

Additionally, this Special Research will offer encounters with Carbink, as well as Diancie Mega Energy, necessary for Mega Evolving this creature. Users who want to increase the amount of energy won’t want to miss the event from May 1 to 3 within the game, which involves spinning PokéStops that will offer Diancie Mega Energy and more encounters with Carbink.

No expiration date

To register the Special Research on your account, simply log in starting from May 1 at 10:00 AM (your local time). Once you’ve done this, you don’t have to worry about completing the requirements right away, as these missions do not expire.

A rare opportunity to get Diancie

These are not only good news for Pokémon GO players but also for everyone in general, as Diancie can be transferred to Pokémon HOME and subsequently to console Pokémon titles.

Diancie is a unique creature that cannot be caught in the current series of games. In fact, the last time one was distributed was in 2015, precisely for the games Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, so many young trainers may be missing it in their Pokédex. That being said, it’s a great opportunity to obtain Diancie.

Remember that if you log in before June 1, you can also get a Special Research that offers an encounter with the other unique Pokémon Poipole.

Are you ready to get Diancie? Will it be the first specimen you catch in your life? Let us know in the comments.

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