The Monkey: Stephen King’s Spine-Chilling Tale of Terror Comes to Life with Theo James and a Stellar Cast

The Monkey

Stephen King Adaptation ‘The Monkey’, Starring Theo James, Pre-Sells To Neon For U.S. After Promo Sparks Buyer Tug-Of-War — Cannes Market

Horror powerhouse James Wan (The Conjuring Universe) is among the producers with Atomic Monster partner Michael Clear (M3GAN).

The Plot Of ‘The Monkey’

The film adaptation of Stephen King’s short story The Monkey tells the tale of twins Hal and Bill, who come across their father’s old toy monkey. Little do they know, the seemingly innocent toy triggers a series of gruesome murders in their town.

Initially, the boys attempt to distance themselves from the situation and stash the monkey away in the attic. However, years later, as adults, the murders resurface, and Hal and Bill reunite to take matters into their own hands and destroy the sinister toy once and for all.

Main Characters In The Film Adaptation

  • Theo James: Theo James will portray both Hal and Bill, the adult versions of the twins.
  • Christian Convery: Convery will play the young version of the twins.
  • Elijah Wood: The renowned actor will star as the twins’ father.
  • Tatiana Maslany: Maslany will play the twins’ mother.
  • Colin Wood, Sarah Levy, and Rohan Campbell: These talented actors will also appear in the film in supporting roles.

Stephen King’s Enduring Influence

Stephen King’s ability to weave intricate and terrifying tales continues to captivate audiences. The Monkey is no exception, and its adaptation to the big screen promises to deliver a thrilling and suspenseful experience.

With a stellar cast and a gripping storyline, The Monkey is poised to become another successful addition to the legacy of Stephen King adaptations. Fans of the horror genre will eagerly anticipate its release, which is expected in 2025.

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