What Sparked the Firearm Incident Outside Wellington Hospital?

What Sparked the Firearm Incident Outside Wellington Hospital?

Firearm Discharged Outside Wellington Hospital

Wellington Hospital Lockdown Lifted After Gunshot

Wellington Hospital has been released from lockdown after a firearm was discharged outside the main entrance early this evening. Thankfully, no injuries were recorded during the incident, and police have confirmed that the individuals involved are likely known to each other.

Police Investigation Underway

Law enforcement officials are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident. Preliminary inquiries indicate that the shooting occurred outside the hospital’s main entrance on Riddiford Street.

Hospital Response

Te Whatu Ora Capital, Coast, and Hutt Valley confirmed the discharge of a firearm outside the hospital. In a statement, Jamie Duncan, a representative of Te Whatu Ora, stated, “We are providing support for staff who witnessed the incident.”

While the main entrance remains temporarily closed until police depart, the hospital continues to operate normally without any disruption to services.

Witness Accounts

Patients and visitors present during the incident have shared their experiences. One patient reported seeing officers equipped with firearms rushing through the building, prompting a lockdown.

Another witness witnessed a group of approximately six individuals entering the hospital after hearing a shot, exclaiming that there was an armed person nearby.

Police Response

Law enforcement officers reportedly initially responded to the incorrect location. However, they later deployed a strong presence at the hospital.

Stay Informed

This is a developing situation. We will continue to monitor updates from police and provide additional information as it becomes available.

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