How Does Food Marketing on Twitch Impact Adolescent Food Preferences and Purchases?

How Does Food Marketing on Twitch Impact Adolescent Food Preferences and Purchases?

Food Marketing on Twitch: Impact on Adolescent Food Habits and Purchases

Unhealthy Foods Targeted at Young Viewers

Twitch, a popular video livestreaming platform, has become a prime target for food and drink companies seeking to influence adolescent consumers. A recent study has revealed concerning findings: exposure to unhealthy food marketing on Twitch is linked to an increased likelihood of developing positive attitudes towards these products, leading to higher purchases and consumption.

High Level of Exposure on Twitch

Researchers analyzed the content of Twitch videos uploaded by popular influencers and found a staggering average of 52 minutes of food advertising exposure per hour. Most of these cues were for high-fat, high-sugar, or high-salt (HFSS) foods, with energy drinks being the most frequently featured category.

Impact on Food-Related Behaviors

The study also examined the impact of food marketing on Twitch on adolescent food-related behaviors. Findings indicated that young people who recalled seeing food marketing on the platform had more favorable attitudes towards unhealthy food categories and were more likely to purchase and consume them.

Influence of Digital Game-Based Marketing

In addition to direct advertising, researchers also investigated the influence of digital game-based marketing techniques used on Twitch, such as in-game advertising and influencer marketing. These techniques were found to be associated with more positive attitudes and increased preferences for marketed food and drink brands.

Implications for Health and Regulation

The concerning findings of this study highlight the urgent need for stricter regulations on digital marketing of unhealthy foods to young people on Twitch and other similar platforms. Currently, there are minimal efforts to control such marketing, leaving adolescents vulnerable to its manipulative effects.

Protecting Young Viewers

Experts emphasize the importance of implementing measures to protect young viewers from exposure to unhealthy food marketing on Twitch. These measures could include age restrictions, advertising disclosures, and restrictions on the types of foods that can be marketed.


Food marketing on Twitch has a significant impact on adolescent food preferences and purchases, contributing to a potentially unhealthy diet. Stronger regulations are essential to mitigate these harmful effects and ensure that young people are not exploited by predatory marketing practices. It is crucial to safeguard the health of our future generations by creating a more responsible digital environment.

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