Will Xbox announce a new DOOM game at the upcoming showcase?

By Divya May 13, 2024 #Bethesda #DOOM #Xbox controller
Will Xbox announce a new DOOM game at the upcoming showcase?

Xbox Summer Showcase Fueling Speculation of Imminent DOOM Announcement

Amidst the recent turmoil surrounding Xbox, rumors of a new DOOM game announcement are swirling ahead of the upcoming Xbox Summer Showcase. Let’s dive into the details and explore the possibility of a highly anticipated return to the demon-slaying franchise.

Mysterious Trademark Hints

In January, Bethesda filed a trademark for what appears to be a new DOOM game, reigniting speculation. While there has been no official confirmation from Xbox or Bethesda, this trademark has sparked excitement among fans.

The Verge’s Subtle Teaser

This week, The Verge’s coverage of Bethesda’s recent events included an intriguing remark. In discussing Xbox’s future announcements, the article stated that they could potentially “lift the Doom around Xbox.” The capitalization and italicization of “Doom” raised eyebrows, suggesting an intentional reference to the game franchise.

Xbox’s Need for a Hit

With the recent controversy surrounding Xbox’s handling of game studios, it’s clear that the company is eager to turn things around. A new DOOM game, with its proven popularity and critical acclaim, could serve as a major boost to Xbox’s reputation.

Id Software’s Development Timeline

Previous DOOM games have been released with a gap of around four years. Given that the latest installment, DOOM Eternal, came out in 2020, it’s reasonable to speculate that a new game could be in the works and ready for announcement. A potential reveal during the June showcase would align with this timeline.

Other Rumored Reveals

Apart from DOOM, the Xbox Summer Showcase is also expected to unveil other highly anticipated games. Gears of War 6, Starfield’s Shattered Space DLC, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, and Avowed are among the potential announcements.


While the possibility of a new DOOM announcement at the Xbox Summer Showcase remains speculative, the evidence presented is compelling. The trademark filing, The Verge’s subtle hint, and Xbox’s need for a success story all contribute to the excitement surrounding this rumor. Fans of the franchise will eagerly await the showcase on June 9th to find out if their hopes of a hellish return will be fulfilled.

By Divya

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