Why was Big Show upset with Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson during the 2010 WWE Raw segment?

Why was Big Show upset with Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson during the 2010 WWE Raw segment?

## Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson Reveals Paul Wight’s Displeasure Over Unauthorized Chokeslam

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, sparked a moment of off-screen tension during his 2010 appearance on WWE Raw. The incident, which occurred during a promotional segment for the movie “The A-Team,” saw Jackson using a chokeslam on fellow actor and former WWE star Michael Jones (Virgil).

Unauthorized Maneuver

In a recent episode of his “JAXXON PODCAST,” Jackson recounted the incident and disclosed that Paul Wight, better known as Big Show, expressed disapproval over his use of the chokeslam. Jackson explained that he was not permitted to execute his signature powerbomb move and resorted to the chokeslam as an alternative.

“Nobody would let me powerbomb him,” Jackson said. “They wouldn’t let me do my move because I’m known for the powerbomb. I didn’t understand that.”

Wight’s Reaction

Wight, who has made the chokeslam one of his signature moves, was visibly upset by Jackson’s unauthorized use of the maneuver. According to Jackson, Wight confronted him backstage and questioned his decision.

“The Big Show was there, and he got mad because I did his chokeslam,” Jackson said. “He got mad and he was like, ‘Why’d you have to use my move?'”

Lack of Communication

Jackson expressed frustration over the lack of clear communication regarding the approved moves he was allowed to perform during the segment. He believed his powerbomb would have been a more appropriate choice given his reputation for the move in the UFC.

Virgil’s Legacy

The incident took on a somber tone when Virgil passed away in February 2023. Virgil, who was a beloved figure in the wrestling community, played a pivotal role in the Raw segment. Jackson acknowledged his passing with a message of respect and remembrance.


While the chokeslam controversy did not overshadow the overall appearance of Jackson and Sharlto Copley on Raw, it provides a glimpse into the often-unseen dynamics between guest stars and established wrestlers. Jackson’s experience highlights the importance of clear communication and respecting the boundaries of signature moves in the world of professional wrestling.

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