Which Game Should a Fallout Fan Play Next After Finishing New Vegas?

Fallout Fans: Don’t Miss The Outer Worlds for a Post-Apocalyptic Adventure

Attention, Fallout aficionados! You’ve devoured New Vegas, but where do you turn for your next post-apocalyptic fix?

The Spiritual Successor: The Outer Worlds

Enter The Outer Worlds, a spiritual successor to New Vegas from the same talented minds at Obsidian Entertainment. This RPG transports you to a far-off star system, where a dysfunctional group of colonists faces a crumbling civilization.

Tonal Fidelity to New Vegas

The Outer Worlds masterfully captures the biting wit and sardonic humor of New Vegas. Its corporate greed and worker exploitation paint a dystopian society where even the smallest acts of kindness stand out.

Gameplay Parallels

Gameplay-wise, The Outer Worlds is a seamless transition from New Vegas. Its VATS-like slow-motion bullet time system allows you to target enemy weaknesses with precision.

Characters and Dialogue

But The Outer Worlds’ true strength lies in its personable characters and thought-provoking dialogue. Whether you’re bantering with your companions or delivering scathing remarks to bureaucratic officials, the game immerses you in its quirky world.

Why Choose The Outer Worlds?

  • Shares the developer and tone of New Vegas.
  • Provides an engaging story and memorable characters.
  • Offers a satisfying gameplay experience.
  • Potentially has a sequel coming soon.


While New Vegas remains a towering achievement in the Fallout franchise, The Outer Worlds offers a worthy next chapter in the post-apocalyptic genre. Its combination of familiar gameplay mechanics and a fresh, satirical setting will satisfy any Fallout fan’s craving for adventure.

By Mehek

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