What’s New in the ‘Laborratory’ Update of Vampire Survivors: Santa, Go-Karting, and Achievements Await!

What's New in the 'Laborratory' Update of Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors’ Laborratory Update: Ho-Ho-Karting to the Rescue!

The captivating and addictive roguelike sensation, Vampire Survivors, has just received a jolly and adrenaline-pumping update, aptly titled “Laborratory.” This latest patch brings an array of festive and thrilling content guaranteed to satisfy your gaming cravings.

New Characters and Weapons: ‘Tis the Season of Slaughter!

Unleash the spirit of Christmas with the introduction of Santa Water, a sparkling new weapon that deals piercing damage to foes. As you progress, you’ll unlock its evolution, the Seraphic Cry, transforming it into a devastating homing missile that relentlessly pursues enemies. Additionally, the update introduces Ladonna, a new character who starts with the TiragisĂș passive weapon, an ethereal whip that spirals around her, inflicting damage to nearby enemies.

New Content: Ho-Ho-Hurry Through the Laboratory!

Venture into the new Laborratory challenge stage, a festive wonderland filled with shimmering lights and seasonal surprises. Discover a hidden bonus stage where you can race against time to collect valuable items. But beware, time is of the essence, and every second counts!

New Xbox Achievements: Ho-Ho-Hunt for Gamerscore!

Alongside the festive content, Vampire Survivors: Laborratory Update brings a host of new Xbox achievements for you to conquer. Embark on a festive quest to collect 33 Rosaries, banish 40 weapons in a single run, and survive the Laborratory challenge stage for 20 minutes.

Ho-Ho-Karting: A New Game Within the Game!

Get ready to shift gears and put the pedal to the metal with the introduction of the Carlo Cart. This ingenious new power-up transforms your character into a speedy go-kart, allowing you to outmaneuver enemies and collect items with ease. But beware, collisions with obstacles can prove costly!

Ho-Ho-Ho-Ho-Holiday Fun for All!

The Vampire Survivors: Laborratory Update is a testament to the developers’ playful spirit and unwavering commitment to providing its loyal players with fresh and exciting content. Whether you’re a seasoned Vampire Survivor or a newcomer looking for a holiday-themed thrill ride, this update has something for everyone. So, gather your courage, embrace the festive cheer, and embark on an unforgettable adventure in the Vampire Survivors: Laborratory!

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