What was Noam Dar’s experience like on his WWE Raw debut in Scotland and what unexpected thing happened during his entrance?

What was Noam Dar's experience like on his WWE Raw debut in Scotland and what unexpected thing happened during his entrance?

Noam Dar’s Memorable WWE Raw Debut in Scotland

When WWE made a stop in Glasgow, Scotland, for a taping of Raw in 2016, the crowd was in for a special treat. One of their own, Noam Dar, was making his Raw debut, a moment he had highly anticipated.

A Warm Welcome in Scotland

Dar, who had participated in the inaugural Cruiserweight Classic the same year, was greeted with an electrifying reception upon his entrance. The Scottish crowd, already buzzing with anticipation, erupted with cheers as their hometown hero made his way to the ring. Dar, overwhelmed by the warmth, embraced the moment, savoring every second of his debut.

A Touch of Hilarity

But before Dar’s entrance, an unexpected twist occurred. WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg, known for his playful nature, informed Dar that he would have pyro for his entrance – something that was rarely used at the time. Dar, accustomed to the usual rituals of independent shows, found it hard to believe at first.

“I thought he was just ribbing me,” Dar recalled in an exclusive interview with Inside The Ropes Kenny McIntosh. “I was like, yeah, sure, very funny. But when I came out and the pyro went off, I didn’t expect it. It definitely got me out of my socks a bit.”

  • Dar was initially skeptical about the promised pyro, assuming it was a joke.
  • When the pyro went off, Dar was caught by surprise and overjoyed.

A Surreal Experience

The entire day had been a surreal experience for Dar. Despite the unconventional path to his debut, the outpouring of support from his hometown crowd made it an unforgettable moment. Even after the show, the feeling of surrealism lingered, as Dar tried to reconcile his new status as a WWE superstar with his everyday life.

Noam Dar’s debut on Raw in Scotland was a fitting tribute to his talent and the love of his hometown fans. The unexpected pyro and the warm welcome made it a night he will never forget.

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