What Valuable Learnings Did Remedy Entertainment Get from Canceling Project Kestrel?

What Valuable Learnings Did Remedy Entertainment Get from Canceling Project Kestrel?

Remedy Entertainment Cancels Project Kestrel, Unveils Valuable Lessons Learned

A Strategic Decision

Remedy Entertainment, the renowned developer behind Alan Wake and Control, has officially canceled its premium co-op multiplayer game, codenamed Project Kestrel. The studio made this decision to prioritize the development and resources for other projects within its portfolio.

Focus on Core Projects

The cancellation of Project Kestrel allows Remedy to concentrate on its existing games, including the highly anticipated remakes of Max Payne 1 & 2 and the Control multiplayer game, known as Project Condor. The studio believes that shifting resources towards these projects will ultimately benefit the overall gaming experience.

Early Insights and Learnings

Despite its short-lived existence, Project Kestrel provided valuable insights for Remedy. CEO Tero Virtala acknowledged that while the project showed early promise, it was still in the concept stage. The studio gained valuable experience and learnings that will aid in the development of future projects.

Reallocated Resources and Talent

The cancellation of Project Kestrel has resulted in the reallocation of its talented developers to other projects. This will strengthen the overall development capabilities of Remedy and ensure that its upcoming games reach the highest quality standards.

Valuable Learnings for the Future

Remedy remains committed to delivering innovative and engaging gaming experiences. The lessons learned from Project Kestrel will serve as a valuable foundation for the studio’s future projects. By prioritizing its core strengths and harnessing the insights gained from canceled projects, Remedy is poised to continue delivering compelling games that captivate players worldwide.
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