What led to Yahoo Serious facing eviction and financial troubles in 2020?

What led to Yahoo Serious facing eviction and financial troubles in 2020?

The Rise and Fall of Yahoo Serious: Eviction, Financial Struggles, and a Fading Stardom


Yahoo Serious, the iconic Australian actor known for his eccentric comedy in the 1988 film “Young Einstein,” has faced a series of setbacks in recent years. In 2020, Serious faced eviction from his Sydney home due to unpaid rent, highlighting his ongoing financial troubles. This article explores the factors that led to Serious’ downfall, including his unsuccessful legal battle, career decline, and personal challenges.

Unfortunate Lawsuit

In 2000, Serious embarked on a legal battle against the website Yahoo!, claiming trademark infringement. However, the court dismissed his case because he failed to prove he had sold products or services under the same name, resulting in no harm or confusion. This failed lawsuit tarnished his reputation and negatively impacted his financial stability.

Career Decline after “Young Einstein”

Despite the initial success of “Young Einstein,” Serious’ subsequent films failed to achieve the same popularity. “Reckless Kelly” (1993) enjoyed local success but flopped internationally, while “Mr. Accident” (2000) received lukewarm reviews. Serious’ once-promising career took a downward turn, and he struggled to secure high-profile roles in Hollywood.

Personal Struggles and Failed Marriage

Serious experienced personal challenges in the years following his career decline. In 2010, he divorced his wife of 20 years, Lulu Pinkus. Divorce proceedings can be emotionally taxing and financially draining, further exacerbating Serious’ difficulties.

Financial Troubles and Eviction

In 2020, Serious reached a low point when he was ordered to vacate his rented home in Avalon Beach due to unpaid rent amounting to over $27,500. The Covid-19 pandemic had severely impacted his income, but his lack of pre-pandemic financial records hindered his eviction appeal. Despite the support of the Residential Tenancies Act, Serious failed to prove his income had decreased by the necessary 25%.


The story of Yahoo Serious is a cautionary tale of Hollywood success gone awry. A combination of factors, including an unsuccessful lawsuit, a declining career, personal struggles, and financial mismanagement, led to his eventual downfall. Once a rising star, Serious now lives in relative obscurity, facing financial hardships that overshadow his once-memorable achievements in the film industry.

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