What is the status of a potential Days Gone sequel according to the creative director and game director?

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What is the status of a potential Days Gone sequel according to the creative director and game director?

Days Gone Sequel: Hope Springs Eternal, Despite Negative Outlook

Days Gone: A Zombie Game Without Zombies

Days Gone, the open-world adventure game where you battle hordes of “Freakers” (not zombies, apparently), has been the subject of persistent speculation about a potential sequel. While the game’s creative director, John Garvin, has expressed optimism about a follow-up, the game’s director, Jeff Ross, has poured cold water on the idea.

Garvin’s Positive Perspective

In a recent interview, Garvin encouraged fans to “never say never” about a Days Gone 2. He disclosed that a detailed outline for the game had been completed before he left Bend Studio in 2020. While he cautioned against getting his hopes up, Garvin’s statement suggests that he has not given up on the possibility of a sequel.

Ross’s Pessimistic Outlook

In contrast to Garvin’s optimism, Ross tweeted a collage of popular PlayStation characters, notably excluding Deacon St. John, Days Gone’s protagonist. He implied that the game’s future was bleak, blaming Sony executives for never being “fans” of the game.

A Discrepancy in Tone

It’s important to note that Garvin and Ross’s tweets were not in response to each other. Garvin even suggested that Sony re-hire both of them to work on the sequel. However, it remains unclear if Bend Studio would be receptive to this proposal.

Bend Studio’s Stance

Bend Studio has previously distanced themselves from Garvin after he blamed “woke reviewers” for the game’s lukewarm reception. Additionally, a recent job posting suggests that the studio is working on a new live-service game. These factors raise doubts about their interest in revisiting Days Gone.

The Verdict: Hope or Hopelessness?

While Garvin’s optimism may be tempting, it’s wise to heed Ross’s more realistic outlook. The image he interpreted as a slight against Days Gone was merely fan art, and Sony has not publicly indicated any interest in a sequel.

However, there is still a Days Gone movie in the works, so fans can at least hold out hope for that.

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