What is the name of the painting by Gustav Klimt that sold for 30 million euros and who was the possible subject depicted in it?

What is the name of the painting by Gustav Klimt that sold for 30 million euros and who was the possible subject depicted in it?

**Long-Lost Gustav Klimt Masterpiece Sells for a Staggering 30 Million Euros**

**Vienna, Austria** – On Wednesday, the auction world witnessed the sale of a long-lost masterpiece by the celebrated Austrian artist Gustav Klimt, setting a remarkable record for an Austrian auction. The painting, titled “Bildnis Fraeulein Lieser” (“Portrait of Miss Lieser”), fetched an impressive 30 million euros ($32 million) at Vienna’s im Kinsky auction house.

**A Rediscovered Treasure**

Unveiled to the public for the first time in nearly a century, “Portrait of Miss Lieser” depicts a young woman adorned in an elaborate floral cape against a vibrant red background. The unsigned work belongs to the Lieser family, a wealthy Jewish dynasty, and was last seen at a Viennese exhibition in 1925 before disappearing for decades.

**Mystery Shrouds the Identity of ‘Miss Lieser’**

Despite extensive research, the identity of the model remains shrouded in mystery. It is believed that she could be one of the two daughters, Helene or Annie, of Henriette (Lilly) Lieser, a prominent art patron. However, an earlier catalogue dedicated to Klimt from the 1960s suggests that the subject is Lieser’s niece, Margarethe.

**Provenance and Restitution**

Questions surrounding the painting’s provenance have been raised, as it is believed to have been in the possession of a Nazi trader at one point. However, im Kinsky, the auction house specializing in restitution procedures, maintains that there is no evidence of theft or unlawful seizure. The back of the painting remains untouched, lacking any stamps or stickers that would indicate its confiscation or removal from Austria.

**A Legacy of Impact**

Gustav Klimt’s works have consistently captivated collectors worldwide, with his renowned masterpiece “The Kiss” being housed at the Belvedere Museum in Vienna. The sale of “Portrait of Miss Lieser” underscores the enduring demand for Klimt’s art and its significant contribution to Austrian and international art history.

**Future Investigations**

While the sale has been a resounding success, some experts are calling for further investigation into the work’s provenance. Monika Mayer, head of archives at the Belvedere Museum, highlights the need to scrutinize certain aspects of the painting’s history. The absence of the artwork’s presentation in the United States, for fear of potential legal repercussions, raises questions that merit further exploration.

The remarkable rediscovery and sale of “Portrait of Miss Lieser” serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of Gustav Klimt. As the mystery surrounding the identity of the model and the painting’s journey continues to unfold, the work will undoubtedly remain a source of fascination for art enthusiasts for years to come.

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