What is Roman Reigns’ current status in the WWE universe?

What is Roman Reigns' current status in the WWE universe?

Roman Reigns Maintains His Reign on SmackDown, Withdraws from WWE Draft

The Tribal Chief’s Hiatus Continues

Roman Reigns, the undisputed king of professional wrestling, has once again stunned the WWE Universe by withdrawing his name from the 2024 WWE Draft. The announcement, made by his loyal advisor Paul Heyman, sent shockwaves through the wrestling world. Reigns’ decision means he will remain an exclusive member of the SmackDown roster, leaving fans speculating about his future plans.

USA Network’s Reaction

In a playful response, USA Network, the home of WWE’s flagship show RAW, expressed its surprise at Reigns’ withdrawal. The network, which had likely planned to showcase the Tribal Chief on the red brand, posted a message on its Instagram handle acknowledging the unexpected turn of events. “Definitely threw a wrench in our plans,” the network quipped.

Reigns’ Continued Absence from WWE TV

Reigns has been on hiatus from WWE television since losing the Undisputed WWE Championship to Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania XL. Heyman’s statement hinted that the former champion does not plan to return to the ring in the near future. “Your Tribal Chief is not returning in the immediate future,” Heyman declared.

The Rise of the Tribal Chief

Reigns’ four-year reign as Universal Champion and two-year run as Undisputed WWE Champion cemented his status as one of the greatest heels of all time. His dominance and ruthless aggression have made him a polarizing figure among fans. Despite his absence, Reigns’ name continues to dominate WWE conversations, fueling anticipation for his eventual return.

Key Takeaways

  • Roman Reigns has withdrawn from the 2024 WWE Draft and will remain an exclusive member of SmackDown.
  • Reigns is currently on hiatus from WWE TV and is not expected to return in the immediate future.
  • USA Network, the home of RAW, expressed surprise at Reigns’ withdrawal, indicating the network’s plans to feature him on the red brand.
  • Reigns’ continued absence has left fans speculating about his future and the possibility of a massive pop upon his return.

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