What improvements are needed for a modern remaster of the original Fallout games to attract new fans while pleasing old fans?

What improvements are needed for a modern remaster of the original Fallout games to attract new fans while pleasing old fans?

Giving the Original Fallout Games a Modern Reboot

When it comes to beloved classic video games, few hold a place as revered as the original Fallout and Fallout 2. These groundbreaking RPGs defined a genre, captivated countless fans, and continue to inspire modern titles. However, time has taken its toll on these legendary games, revealing their age in both graphics and gameplay.

Modernizing the Classics

To attract new fans and appease old ones, it’s high time for a comprehensive remaster that breathes new life into these gaming gems. Remasters have become increasingly prevalent in recent years, offering beloved classics a fresh coat of paint while preserving their core gameplay. Diablo 2: Resurrected serves as a shining example, showcasing how a classic game can be modernized without sacrificing its essence.

Visual Enhancements and Quality of Life Improvements

A modern remaster should begin with a visual overhaul, enhancing the original pixel art with detailed textures and improved lighting. Characters and environments should be redesigned to match the artistic style of Bethesda’s later Fallout games, or alternatively, they could honor the classic cartoonish designs that made the originals so memorable.

Beyond visuals, numerous quality of life improvements are necessary. The user interface needs an overhaul, with clear menus and tutorials guiding players through the game’s systems. Controller support is a must, expanding the accessibility of these games to console players.

Maintaining the Core Experience

While modernizing the graphics and gameplay, it’s crucial to preserve the core elements that made the original Fallout games so special. The turn-based combat system, skill-based character progression, and expansive world filled with memorable characters and quests should remain intact.

Eradicating Aging Elements

However, not all aspects of the originals aged well. The Childkiller trait, for instance, which allowed players to target children, would likely be removed in a modern remaster. Such content, while controversial even in its time, does not align with modern sensibilities.

Preserving Source Code

Fortunately, according to producer Tim Cain, the original source code for both Fallout and Fallout 2 still exists and is in Bethesda’s possession. This means that a remaster could update these games without completely remaking them, preserving their unique flavor and legacy.


Remastering the original Fallout games would be a welcome endeavor for Bethesda, bridging the gap between their classic roots and the modern iterations of the franchise. By embracing the technological advancements of recent years while respecting the beloved core gameplay, a modern remaster could entice new fans and reignite the passion of old fans alike.

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