What has Vicky Kaushals response been to questions about Katrina Kaifs pregnancy?

By Mehek Jun 29, 2024 #bollywood
What has Vicky Kaushal's response been to questions about Katrina Kaif's pregnancy?

**Vicky Kaushal’s Witty Response to Pregnancy Questions**

“Focus on the Film, Not Rumors,” Says Kaushal

**Mumbai, India** – Bollywood star Vicky Kaushal has remained tight-lipped about rumors surrounding his wife Katrina Kaif’s pregnancy, choosing instead to deflect questions and shift the focus to his upcoming film, “Bad News.”

The trailer launch of the highly anticipated comedy-drama, which also stars Tripti Dimri, sparked speculation about Katrina’s pregnancy. However, Vicky gracefully sidestepped the issue, politely requesting media to respect their privacy.

“The Film Is the Star”

“I’m thrilled about the response to ‘Bad News’,” Kaushal remarked. “It’s a special film for me, and I’m excited for audiences to see this different side of me. The film is the star, and I’d rather talk about that.”

Kaushal’s response underscores his professional demeanor and his commitment to the film. “Bad News,” a sequel to the 2019 hit “Good News,” features a unique plot that explores heteropaternal superfecundation, where multiple fathers impregnate a single mother.

“A Departure from Serious Roles”

“This is a departure from the serious roles I’ve done in the past,” Kaushal said. “It’s a challenge, but I’m confident that audiences will enjoy my performance.”

Kaushal’s comedic timing and chemistry with Dimri have generated positive buzz among fans. The film’s release date, July 19, 2024, is eagerly awaited.

“Respecting Boundaries”

Despite being a public figure, Kaushal values his and his wife’s privacy. He has consistently discouraged media from prying into their personal lives, particularly when it comes to sensitive matters like pregnancy.

“We’re grateful for the love and support we receive,” Kaushal said. “But we also request that our privacy be respected. We’ll share news with you when we’re ready.”

“Focus on the Film’s Message”

Kaushal’s response to pregnancy questions also highlights his dedication to the film’s message. “Bad News” explores complex societal issues and promotes inclusivity and acceptance.

“This film is not just entertainment,” Kaushal emphasized. “It also has an important message to convey. I hope that by talking about the film, we can raise awareness and start a conversation about these issues.”

Kaushal’s professional and nuanced approach has earned him praise from fans and industry insiders alike. As the release of “Bad News” approaches, audiences are eagerly anticipating not only Kaushal’s comedic performance but also the film’s ability to shed light on important topics.

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