What does Kaley Cuoco’s daughter obsessively say and who is she excited to reunite with on Mother’s Day?

What does Kaley Cuoco's daughter obsessively say and who is she excited to reunite with on Mother's Day?

“Do You Know the Word Mama?”: Kaley Cuoco Jokes About Her Daughter Matilda Being a Daddy’s Girl

Kaley Cuoco is having a laugh about her one-year-old daughter, Matilda, who seems to be a bit of a daddy’s girl. The “Big Bang Theory” star recently revealed that her little one’s favorite word is “dad,” much to her amusement.

Matilda’s Obsession with “Dad”

During a recent interview with People Magazine, Cuoco couldn’t help but joke about Matilda’s current linguistic preference. The actress, who is currently away from her family for work, shared that her daughter’s vocabulary is heavily dominated by a single word: “dad.” Cuoco expressed her bewilderment, saying, “‘Dad, dad, dad, dad’ all she says is dad, dada.’ It’s her favorite frickin word. I’m like, ‘Do you know the word mama? Have you ever heard it?'”

Cuoco’s Upcoming Mother’s Day Reunion

Despite the actress missing her daughter dearly, she has a special Mother’s Day plan in store. Cuoco revealed that she will be flying to the East Coast to reunite with her family of three for the special occasion. Speaking to People, she shared, “I am going to go out there. I’m gonna go to the East Coast on Saturday and we’re going to spend Mother’s Day together.”

A Special First Mother’s Day

Cuoco went on to recall her first Mother’s Day last year, which was made extra special by her boyfriend and Matilda’s father, Tom Pelphrey. Despite being away from home at the time, Pelphrey made the effort to fly in and surprise her on the special day. Cuoco fondly remembered, “It’s really sweet.”

Celebrating Matilda’s First Birthday

Just over a month ago, Cuoco and Pelphrey celebrated Matilda’s first birthday. The couple shared heartfelt posts on social media, with Cuoco posting a video montage of her “angel girl” throughout her first year. In the caption, she wrote, “You are a gift from above and have brought the deepest perfect joy to our entire family!”

Matilda’s Bond with Her Dad

Cuoco attributes Matilda’s close bond with Pelphrey to the time they have spent together while she has been away for work. She believes that Matilda is in good hands with her father, who loves spending time with her. The actress joked, “Tom and Matilda are thick as thieves. They’re like glued at the hip. It’s so sweet.”

Cuoco’s Mother’s Day Message

As she eagerly anticipates her Mother’s Day celebration, Cuoco shared a heartfelt message to her daughter and Pelphrey. “I can’t wait to celebrate Mother’s Day with the two loves of my life,” she said. “I’m so grateful for the amazing family we’ve created together.”

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