What Challenges Can Players Expect in ‘Better Together’ Update of Wizard With a Gun and How Can They Adjust the Difficulty Settings?

What Challenges Can Players Expect in 'Better Together' Update of Wizard With a Gun and How Can They Adjust the Difficulty Settings?

‘Better Together’ Update for Wizard With a Gun: Challenges and Customization

Embrace the Chaos, Adjust the Difficulty

Prepare yourself, Gunmancers! The “Better Together” update for Wizard With a Gun unleashes a cataclysm of four-player co-op on May 13, adding a whirlwind of chaos and camaraderie to its enchanting wilderness. But heed this warning: with greater company comes greater adversity. And if you seek a tailored challenge, the update empowers you with an arsenal of difficulty settings.

Challenges to Overcome

As the party expands, so does the formidable force of enemies that swarm the Shatter. Expect to encounter mightier foes, each requiring a strategic approach. Don’t let the presence of allies lull you into a false sense of security. Coordination and prudent tactics will be essential to overcome the heightened challenges.

Difficulty Settings

The update introduces four distinct difficulty levels, providing a tailored experience for every caliber of Gunmancer:

  • Ranger: A welcoming mode that grants room for mistakes and experimentation.
  • Gunslinger: The standard mode, offering a balanced challenge for seasoned explorers.
  • Sheriff: Intensifies the perils, demanding greater precision and vigilance.
  • Outlaw: A ruthless challenge where consequences for missteps are severe.

Custom Difficulty

For those who desire an infinitely customizable gauntlet, the “Better Together” update offers an unparalleled level of control. Experiment with an array of variables, including:

  • Enemy strength and speed
  • Penalties upon death
  • Resource availability

About Wizard With a Gun

Wizard With a Gun, a sandbox survival adventure, transports players into the Shatter, a realm brimming with arcane mysteries and menacing creatures. As Gunmancers, players must explore this enigmatic wilderness, uncovering its secrets and wielding their mystical firearms to fend off the relentless hordes.

Patch Notes

In addition to the aforementioned features, the “Better Together” update brings a myriad of enhancements:

  • New Building: Uncover the Library at the Tower, a sanctuary of knowledge that delves into the lore of the Shatter and its enigmas.
  • Voidskimmer Reconstruction: Embark on bounty expeditions to acquire materials for rebuilding the magnificent Voidskimmer skyship.
  • Oculus Conclusion: Experience the thrilling culmination of Wizard With a Gun’s main storyline, as you unlock the Oculus and witness its enigmatic finale.

Embark on an unprecedented adventure with the “Better Together” update, pitting yourself against the most formidable challenges yet seen in the Shatter. Whether you face them with comrades or customize your own harrowing experience, victory awaits the most audacious of Gunmancers.

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