What Are the Upcoming Games Highlighted at ID@Xbox Showcase and What Are Their Release Dates?

What Are the Upcoming Games Highlighted at ID@Xbox Showcase and What Are Their Release Dates?

ID@Xbox Showcase Unveils a Exciting Line-up of Indie Gems

Upcoming Games to Watch Out For

The ID@Xbox April 2024 showcase delivered a thrilling glimpse into the world of indie gaming, with a diverse array of titles set to grace Xbox consoles in the near future. Here are some of the most anticipated upcoming releases:

Astor: Blade of the Monolith (May 30)

Prepare for an epic adventure in Astor, a Zelda-inspired 3D action-RPG. Explore vast landscapes, battle hordes of enemies, and confront formidable bosses as you uncover the secrets of the Monolith.

33 Immortals (Closed Beta: May 24)

Join the battle against the forces of evil in 33 Immortals, a multiplayer Hades-like experience. This crowd-based action RPG promises intense battles, unique characters, and a tantalizing showdown against Lucifer himself.


Expand your creature-collecting arsenal in Palworld, where you can capture and train Pals to assist you in combat and crafting. Get ready to encounter a menagerie of adorable and bizarre creatures, from fire-breathing lizards to meditating foxes.

Commandos: Origins (Game Pass Launch Day)

Relive the classic real-time stealth gameplay of the Commandos series in Origins. Command a squad of six elite soldiers through 10 thrilling missions set in the treacherous landscapes of World War II.

Centum (Summer 2024)

Embark on a mysterious and atmospheric escape in Centum, an eerie pixel art adventure. As a prisoner seeking freedom, you must navigate treacherous dungeons, solve puzzles, and unravel the secrets of your confinement.

Lost Records: Bloom & Rage

Immerse yourself in the haunting world of Lost Records, the next adventure game from the creators of Life Is Strange. Experience the rollercoaster of emotions as you confront the challenges of growing up amidst an eerie 80s horror setting.

Keylocker (TBD)

Prepare for a musical revolution in Keylocker, a colorful turn-based rhythm JRPG. Take on the role of a songwriter battling against a music-hating autocracy, using your melodies to inspire rebellion and liberate the world.

Stampede: Racing Royale (TBD)

Join a chaotic 60-player battle royale in Stampede, where Mario Kart meets Fall Guys. Race through obstacle-filled tracks, collect power-ups, and eliminate opponents as you strive for victory.

Jackbox Naughty Party Pack (TBD)

Get ready for a raunchier version of the Jackbox Party Pack. This installment promises to push the boundaries with its suggestive humor and adult-themed content, adding a new dimension to social gaming.

Times & Galaxy (June 2024)

As a robot intern for Intergalactic News Corporation, you’ll embark on a cosmic journey in Times & Galaxy. Interview bizarre aliens, uncover galactic secrets, and experience the thrill of space journalism.

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