What Are the New Achievements Added in the Vampire Survivors Laborratory Update?

What Are the New Achievements Added in the Vampire Survivors Laborratory Update?

Vampire Survivors Races into Holiday Cheer with Laborratory Update

Prepare yourselves, Vampire Survivors enthusiasts! The highly acclaimed action-roguelike has received a surprise update on Nintendo Switch and Xbox, aptly named the Laborratory update. This festive update brings with it a slew of new content, including achievements, characters, weapons, and even go-karting.

New Achievements for Xbox Players

Xbox players can now rejoice in the addition of seven new achievements, totaling 35 Gamerscore. These achievements range from collecting 33 Rosaries to evolving the Santa Javelin weapon. Here’s a breakdown of the achievements and their corresponding Gamerscore:

– EXTRA: Laborratory (5 Gamerscore) – Find 33 Rosaries.
– EXTRA: Seal III (5 Gamerscore) – Banish 40 or more weapons in a single run.
– EXTRA: Santa Javelin (5 Gamerscore) – Get Santa Javelin to level 7.
– EXTRA: Seraphic Cry (5 Gamerscore) – Evolve the Santa Javelin.
– EXTRA: Santa Ladonna (5 Gamerscore) – Survive 20 minutes in Laborratory.
– EXTRA: Arma Dio (5 Gamerscore) – Find an Arma Dio in Laborratory.
– EXTRA: Carlo Cart (5 Gamerscore) – Deal a total of 25120 damage with the Laborratory Train.

Hyper-Realistic Holiday Characters and More

In typical Vampire Survivors fashion, the Laborratory update introduces a host of quirky and festive new characters, including Santa himself. Players can also unlock a new weapon evolution and a passive weapon, as well as a new power up. But get ready for the unexpected: there’s also a go-karting minigame! Poncle, the game’s developer, has jokingly referred to the update as “hyper-realistic,” incorporating door opening animations and train mechanics.

A Santa Surprise

Christmas has come early to Vampire Survivors! With the new Santa Javelin weapon, players can unleash festive fury upon their enemies. This weapon evolves into the Seraphic Cry, a passive weapon that grants bonus damage and other perks. And if that’s not enough, surviving for 20 minutes in the Laborratory stage will unlock the Santa Ladonna character.

Join the Go-Karting Frenzy

In a truly unexpected twist, the Laborratory update introduces a go-karting minigame. Players can race around as the new Carlo Cart character, dealing damage to enemies with their kart. It’s a unique and hilarious addition that adds a touch of lighthearted fun to the game.

New Challenge and Bonus Stages

For those seeking a greater challenge, the Laborratory update brings with it a new challenge stage and bonus stage. The challenge stage offers a unique set of obstacles and enemies to overcome, while the bonus stage rewards players with temporary power-ups.


The Vampire Survivors Laborratory update is a must-have for fans of the game. It’s packed with new content, characters, and gameplay mechanics that enhance the already addictive experience. Whether you’re a seasoned Vampire Survivor or a curious newcomer, there’s something for everyone in this festive update. So grab your weapons, hop in your go-kart, and prepare for a holiday-themed adventure like no other!

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