What Are the Inspirations Behind Ron Gilbert’s Upcoming 2D Pixel Art RPG and Who Recently Joined the Development Team?

What Are the Inspirations Behind Ron Gilbert's Upcoming 2D Pixel Art RPG and Who Recently Joined the Development Team?

Ron Gilbert’s Upcoming 2D Pixel Art RPG Draws Inspiration from Classic Titles

Adventure game legend Ron Gilbert, creator of the beloved Monkey Island series, is embarking on a new adventure with an untitled 2D pixel art RPG. The game draws inspiration from classic titles such as “The Legend of Zelda,” “Diablo,” and “Thimbleweed Park.”

Development Journey and Anticipated Release

Development on the RPG began earlier this year, and Gilbert has been providing regular updates on his Mastodon account. The game’s release is tentatively scheduled for late 2024, although Gilbert acknowledges the possibility of a slip to early 2025.

Blending Classic and Modern Elements

The RPG promises a unique blend of classic Zelda-style exploration and puzzle-solving, Diablo’s action-RPG elements, and Thimbleweed Park’s quirky humor and pixel art aesthetic. Gilbert aims to evoke a retro feel while incorporating modern design sensibilities.

Team Expansion: Quest Designer Joins

Seasoned game developer Elissa Black has joined the team as a quest designer, boosting the team’s confidence. Gilbert humorously estimated that Black’s addition has increased the likelihood of completing the game by 37%.

Current Development Status and Glimpses

Gilbert has shared screenshots of the game’s progress on Mastodon. The starting area is nearing completion, and work on the overworld is underway. The recent update showcased the starting town, complete with a bakery and weapons shop, indicating that players will have access to gear and upgrades before embarking on quests.

Influences and Anticipation

Zelda-inspired RPGs have a proven track record of success, and the Diablo influence adds an intriguing layer of action and loot-gathering. As 2024 progresses, fans can anticipate a steady flow of information and updates as Gilbert strives to meet his release target.

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