Updates on Lord of the Rings Online: Crafting Quests Tweaks and Server Stress Test Delay

Updates on Lord of the Rings Online

Updates to Lord of the Rings Online: Crafting Quests and Beta

Lord of the Rings Online: Crafting Quest Updates and Beta News

Fans of Lord of the Rings Online who were eagerly awaiting today’s server stress test on the new Mordor server will have to wait a little longer. The highly anticipated event, which was set to test the capabilities of the European-located server by introducing the new Ringwraith bosses, has been postponed due to a build issue.

Delay in Mordor Server Stress Test

The original plan was to open the Mordor server on Monday, followed by a stress test designed to challenge the server’s capabilities by spawning Ringwraiths—an open-world boss content. Unfortunately, the Standing Stone Games (SSG) team released a statement last night announcing the delay.

“Unfortunately, a build issue is preventing us from opening Mordor tonight, and our stress test planned for 3 PM Eastern tomorrow is delayed. We will have more info on timing when we can. Mordor could open with a stress test late tomorrow afternoon Eastern.”


— LOTRO (@lotro), July 2, 2024

Improvements to Crafting Quests

While the stress test is delayed, there’s still good news for those who are interested in the game’s crafting system. SSG is continuing to test updates to the crafting quests, particularly focusing on co-op cooking and prospecting events. The latest beta update, known as Update 41, aims to tweak crafting material requirements and address various bugs found in recipes and quest advancement.

The crafting system in Lord of the Rings Online has always held a special place in the hearts of its players. These new updates seek to streamline the experience by making material requirements more reasonable and ensuring that bugs do not hinder the progress of crafting quests.

Community Reactions

The community has had mixed reactions to the delay. On one hand, players are disappointed that they won’t be able to test the new server and the Ringwraith event as planned. On the other hand, many appreciate the transparency and communication from SSG regarding the issue. Forums and social media have seen a variety of comments from fans:

  • “Bummed about the delay, but better to have it working right than to rush it.” – Username123
  • “Excited to try out the new crafting updates, especially the co-op cooking!” – LotroFan4Life
  • “SSG should provide more frequent updates to keep us in the loop!” – AdventureSeeker

What to Expect Next

With the delay, players are now eagerly awaiting further information on when the Mordor stress test will take place. SSG has assured the community that they are working to resolve the build issue as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, the crafting quest updates in the beta continue to be refined, and players can expect these improvements in the upcoming official release of Update 41.

How to Stay Updated

For those keen on staying updated with the latest news on the stress test and crafting updates, following the Lord of the Rings Online official Twitter account and joining community forums are recommended. The developers also promise to keep players informed through various channels, ensuring that everyone will be ready when the new content finally goes live.

While the delay might be a minor bump in the road, the community’s patience is appreciated, and the game’s dedicated fan base can look forward to an even better gameplay experience once everything is sorted out.

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