Unlock 180 Free Pulls in Zenless Zone Zero: Your Ultimate Guide to Events and Rewards

Unlock 180 Free Pulls in Zenless Zone Zero

Unlock Events in Zenless Zone Zero for 180 Free Pulls

Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) has launched with a plethora of events offering players a chance to unlock an impressive 180 free pulls. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of the events, their requirements, and the rewards they offer.

Key Requirements

Before participating in these events, it’s essential to meet the following requirements:

  • Reach Inter-Knot Level 8
  • Complete “The Proxy and the Hare” in the Main Story Prologue
  • Unlock the Event Feature in the Inter-Knot

Event Calendar and Rewards

Event Reward Duration
New City Visitor’s Passport +10 Encrypted Master Tapes 7/1-8/13
Cunning Generosity +10 Master Tapes 7/1-8/13
Road to Proxy Greatness +20 Master Tapes, +5 Boopon, Unlock A-Rank Agent Corin Ongoing

Event Details

New City Visitor’s Passport Event:

– Reach Inter-Knot Lv. 8 and unlock the Event Feature.
– Log in for a total of seven days.
– Collect rewards, including +10 Encrypted Master Tapes.

Cunning Generosity Event:

– Similar requirements as above.
– Complete the event to earn +10 Master Tapes.

Road to Proxy Greatness Event:

– An ongoing event with level-based rewards.
– Reaching specific Inter-Knot Levels grants items like Master Tapes, Boopon, and Agent Corin.

Additional Rewards

In addition to the event-specific rewards, players can earn pre-registration rewards through in-game mail. These rewards include:

  • +20 Master Tapes
  • +30,000 Dennies

The following items are also available as event rewards:

  • Investigator Logs
  • Power Supplies
  • Energy Modules

Tips for Earning Free Pulls

  • Prioritize completing the events based on their duration and rewards.
  • Ensure you meet all the requirements before starting an event.
  • Log in regularly to collect daily rewards and complete milestones.
  • Take advantage of the Road to Proxy Greatness event, as it offers an ongoing stream of free pulls.
  • Share this guide with friends to increase your chances of unlocking all 180 free pulls.

By following these steps and participating in the various events, you can maximize your free pulls and enhance your ZZZ experience.

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