The Impact of Health Struggles on Hunter x Hunter Mangas Creator Yoshihiro Togashi

The Impact of Health Struggles on 'Hunter x Hunter' Manga's Creator Yoshihiro Togashi

The Health Struggles Impacting Hunter x Hunter Manga’s Author

The Health Struggles Impacting Hunter x Hunter Manga’s Author

Yoshihiro Togashi, the brilliant mind behind the internationally acclaimed manga, Hunter x Hunter, has long captivated fans with his intricate storytelling and unique character designs. However, many fans have been concerned about the significant hiatuses the manga has faced over the years, most recently due to Togashi’s health issues.

Understanding the Hiatus

The “Hunter x Hunter” manga, which first debuted in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 1998, has gone through numerous breaks. In January 2023, the manga went on another hiatus, with the publisher citing Togashi’s deteriorating health as the primary reason.

Shueisha, the publishing company responsible for releasing “Hunter x Hunter,” and Togashi collaborated to decide that the manga should not continue on a weekly serialized schedule. According to the editorial department, this decision was taken to ensure Togashi’s well-being and provide him the necessary time to manage his health.

Yoshihiro Togashi’s Health Struggles

While the exact nature of Togashi’s health issues has not been explicitly detailed, the author has been open about his struggles with chronic back pain. This condition has significantly impacted his ability to work on the manga consistently. Drawing a manga requires long hours of sitting and working on illustrations, which can aggravate existing health issues, making it challenging for Togashi to keep up with the rigorous demands of a weekly serialization.

Togashi has addressed his health issues publicly in the past, expressing his frustration and determination to overcome them. However, the sporadic schedule has left fans eagerly awaiting new chapters while simultaneously understanding the need for the author’s health to take precedence.

What’s Next for Hunter x Hunter?

In March 2023, Togashi revealed that chapter 401 of “Hunter x Hunter” had been completed, providing a glimmer of hope for fans. However, no concrete details were provided regarding when the series would resume serialization or the future release schedule.

The editorial department of Shueisha assured fans that they would disclose more information about the manga’s return and its serialization format once they have a clearer plan. This indicates that while progress is being made, Togashi’s health remains a priority.

Fan Reactions and Support

The “Hunter x Hunter” community is one of the most dedicated in the manga world. Despite the frequent hiatuses, fans have remained loyal, understanding, and supportive of Togashi’s predicament. Many have taken to social media platforms to express their concerns, send well-wishes, and share their favorite moments from the series.

Some fans have also created forums and discussion groups solely dedicated to updates on Togashi’s health and the potential return of “Hunter x Hunter.” The outpouring of support and patience demonstrates the deep bond between the creator and his audience.

The Legacy of Hunter x Hunter

Even with its breaks, “Hunter x Hunter” has inspired two television anime series, two anime films, several original video anime titles, and stage plays. The story of Gon Freecss and his adventures as a Hunter has left a lasting impact on both the manga and anime communities.

The intricate plot, deep character development, and unique combat system based on “Nen” have made “Hunter x Hunter” a timeless classic. Togashi’s work continues to influence new manga artists and storytellers, highlighting the enduring legacy of his creation.

Looking Ahead

While fans eagerly await new chapters of “Hunter x Hunter,” they remain hopeful for Togashi’s recovery. The author’s health is paramount, and the understanding shown by the community emphasizes the importance of well-being over constant content production.

As of now, the “Hunter x Hunter” chapters remain on hold, and Shueisha has promised to relay any new information as soon as it becomes available. Until then, fans can revisit the existing chapters, anime adaptations, and numerous other media inspired by Togashi’s illustrious work.


Yoshihiro Togashi’s health issues have undeniably impacted the release of new “Hunter x Hunter” material, but the decision to prioritize his well-being reflects a compassionate understanding of the artist’s needs. The dedicated fanbase continues to support and wait patiently, demonstrating the profound connection between a creator and their audience.

For more updates and information, stay tuned and keep supporting your favorite manga creators in their journeys toward better health and continued creativity.

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