Surgent Studios Announces Layoffs Impacting Over a Dozen Employees

Surgent Studios Announces Layoffs Impacting Over a Dozen Employees

Layoffs Hit Surgent Studios, Affecting Over a Dozen Employees

Surgent Studios

In a sobering turn of events, Surgent Studios, the developer known for its debut title Tales of Kenzera: Zau, has confirmed layoffs affecting over a dozen employees. The announcement comes just three months after the game’s release, which had been met with positive reviews from both critics and players.

An Official Statement

Surgent Studios posted an official statement on their Twitter account, acknowledging the layoffs and expressing regret over the situation:

Unfortunately, Surgent has joined the growing number of games studios impacted by layoffs this year with just over a dozen people affected. It’s a difficult time in the games industry, but we remain incredibly proud of our entire team’s work on Zau, and of the praise it has received from critics and players alike.

Our focus now is on supporting those affected, continuing our work on Zau, and looking to the future with our next creative projects.

Founder’s Heartfelt Message

Surgent’s founder, Abubakar Salim, shared his own thoughts on Twitter, showing his heartfelt appreciation for the team’s hard work over the past four years:

This hurts deeply. This isn’t the news I wanted to share today. I am so proud of what the team has achieved over the course of these four years. When things got tough, every one of them stood strong; it was inspiring. So, to be delivering this news today really sucks. I know we’re not alone here, but that doesn’t make it easier.

The Human Impact

The layoffs have had a significant impact on the affected employees, with several sharing their feelings and experiences on social media. Former level designer Peter Brisbourne commented on LinkedIn:

The chapter entitled ‘Pete Works At Surgent Studios’ is coming to a close at the end of the month.

Similarly, former producer Phillip Smy expressed his thoughts:

I’m another casualty of the Wild West industry that is video game development.

There were earlier indications of impending cuts, as many employees had expressed a sense of dread about the future. One producer posted on Bluesky:

There’s a very high likelihood [they were] going to get some really bad news.

Well, I’ve officially been laid off, as expected. Sh*t sucks.

Continued Support and Future Projects

Despite the unfortunate news, Surgent Studios remains committed to its current projects and future endeavors. The studio emphasized in its statement that it plans to continue supporting Tales of Kenzera: Zau while also looking forward to new creative projects. With a focus on supporting the affected employees, the studio aims to uphold its pioneering philosophy in storytelling across various platforms.

Surgent Studios

The announcement has sparked conversations across the industry, revealing a broader trend of layoffs affecting major game studios, including giants like Microsoft, Sony, and EA. The pattern underscores the increasing challenges faced by the gaming industry during this period.

Industry-Wide Struggles

Layoffs have increasingly become a common occurrence within the gaming sector. This year alone, significant layoffs have been reported at Microsoft, Sony, EA, and several other prominent companies. The pressures of delivering sustainable growth and the volatility of the industry have put many studios in tough positions.

As the gaming community absorbs the news, there remains a sense of solidarity and support for those impacted. The commitment shown by the remaining team members and the broader industry is a testament to the resilience and passion within the world of game development.


While this chapter may be closing for some at Surgent Studios, the story is far from over for the studio itself. With a dedicated focus on both current and future projects, the team remains united in their creative journey. For now, the industry watches and hopes that those who were impacted find new opportunities that allow them to continue contributing their talents to the vibrant world of game development.

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