Spiderbait’s ‘Black Betty’: The Iconic Australian Rock Anthem That Defined a Generation

Spiderbait’s ‘Black Betty’: A Song That Reshaped Australian Rock

Spiderbait, the legendary Australian alternative rock band, is gearing up for a special tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their iconic hit song “Black Betty.” The tour, set to begin in August, will see the band perform the beloved track and other fan favorites from their 2004 album Tonight Alright.

Black Betty’s Meteoric Rise

Released in 2004, “Black Betty” quickly became a sensation, climbing to the top of the ARIA Singles Chart and cracking the US Top 40 Rock Chart. Its infectious melody and catchy lyrics, combined with Spiderbait’s raw and energetic performance, resonated with audiences worldwide.

Over the years, “Black Betty” has become an Australian rock anthem, played at countless festivals, events, and sporting matches. Its enduring popularity is a testament to the song’s timeless appeal and its ability to connect with people on a visceral level.

The Significance for Spiderbait

For Spiderbait, “Black Betty” was a career-defining moment. The song’s success propelled them to new heights of fame and established them as one of the most influential bands of their generation. It also cemented their reputation for crafting catchy, infectious rock songs with a unique and unforgettable sound.

“I can’t believe it’s 20 years since we released ‘Black Betty’ and it went to number 1,” said Spiderbait guitarist and vocalist Kram. “Since then, the song has become a bit legendary for us and has racked up over a hundred million streams on Spotify. The whole ride has been so awesome and was so unexpected.”

The Live Experience

Spiderbait’s live performances are renowned for their energy and intensity, and their upcoming 20th anniversary tour promises to be no exception. Fans can expect to hear “Black Betty” and other classics from Tonight Alright, as well as a selection of their greatest hits.

With their raw guitars, pounding drums, and soaring vocals, Spiderbait is set to deliver an unforgettable live experience that will have audiences dancing, singing, and rocking out all night long.


“Black Betty” is more than just a song for Spiderbait; it’s a symbol of their enduring legacy and a testament to the power of Australian rock music. The upcoming 20th anniversary tour is an opportunity for fans to relive the magic of this iconic hit and celebrate the enduring contribution that Spiderbait has made to the music scene.

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