Rogue Company Cuts Ties with Dr Disrespect: Gaming Community Reacts to Controversial Content Removal

Rogue Company Responds to Dr Disrespect Controversy by Removing His Content

In a surprising move, Hi-Rez Studios’ shooter game Rogue Company announced it has removed all content associated with popular streamer Dr Disrespect. The game, which hasn’t seen an update since October 2023, made headlines with this sudden patch, sparking various reactions from the gaming community.

The Fallout of Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect, whose real name is Herschel “Guy” Beahm, has been a notable figure in the gaming world, amassing millions of followers and collaborating with several gaming companies. However, his reputation took a severe hit following allegations of inappropriate messaging to minors. Although some fans remain supportive, many gaming companies have cut ties with him.

For instance, Turtle Beach swiftly removed its Dr Disrespect-themed headphones, and Midnight Society, a gaming company co-founded by Beahm, ended its partnership with him. Now, Rogue Company has joined this list by removing the Dr Disrespect skin and map.

The History with Rogue Company

Rogue Company is a five-versus-five multiplayer game that initially gained traction in the gaming community, largely due to its collaboration with Dr Disrespect. The partnership led to the creation of a unique skin and an entire map dedicated to him, known as “The Arena.” This content was well-received by fans and added to the game’s early popularity.

However, the landscape changed dramatically after Dr Disrespect’s actions came to light. Players who had purchased the Dr Disrespect skin noticed that the cosmetic was no longer available. This discovery was first spotted by a Reddit user who posted a video showing the skin appearing only on the starting screen but reverting to a default character model during gameplay.

Official Announcement and Community Reactions

Following the viral Reddit post, Rogue Company‘s developers addressed the removal of Dr Disrespect content on their official X (formerly Twitter) account. They confirmed that all related skins had been disabled and promised full refunds in the form of Rogue Bucks to affected players.

Hey Rogue Company, we have disabled Dr Disrespect content previously available in the game. We will provide full Rogue Buck refunds to any impacted account this week,” read the official statement.

Not All Players Are Satisfied

Despite the assurance of refunds, many players expressed their dissatisfaction with the decision to offer in-game currency instead of actual money. A significant portion of the community felt that this move was an evasion tactic to save costs.

  • “Give me back my money. I don’t want to buy your other crappy skins,” one player commented.
  • Another user tweeted, “No excuses or reasons to revoke access to something I paid for.

The frustration was palpable as many gamers felt they were being shortchanged. The promise of in-game currency as a refund did not sit well with those who had spent real money on the Dr Disrespect content.

The State of Rogue Company

The issue was further complicated by the current state of Rogue Company, a game that has not seen any new content or updates for nearly a year. With a dwindling player base, many argued that the game’s relevance in the industry was waning. It led some to speculate that Hi-Rez Studios’ decision to remove Dr Disrespect’s content was an attempt to regain some level of relevance.

Looking at Steam metrics, Rogue Company garnered only about 601 peak players in a 24-hour span, underscoring its decline. The developers’ sudden re-emergence to remove the controversial content was seen by some as a last-ditch effort to stay pertinent, even if temporarily.

A Step Towards Disassociating

Ultimately, Rogue Company and other gaming companies are taking active steps to disassociate from Dr Disrespect following his controversial actions. While the move to offer refunds in the form of in-game currency may not have been well-received, it is clear that the game developers are intent on distancing themselves from the disgraced streamer.

In the broader context, the reactions to these measures indicate the importance of ethical considerations in the gaming community. Companies are increasingly willing to take decisive actions, even at the potential cost of alienating parts of their user base.

As players await the promised refunds, what remains to be seen is whether this controversy will impact Rogue Company‘s future or if the game will continue to fade into obscurity. For now, affected players should check their accounts for in-game currency refunds, and the gaming community at large watches closely for any further developments.

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