Quinfalls Second Closed Beta: Exploring Maritime Adventures and Naval Combat

Quinfall's Second Closed Beta

Quinfall’s Second Closed Beta Test: Dive into Maritime Adventures

Enthusiastic players have been eagerly awaiting the start of Quinfall’s second closed beta test, which officially begins today, July 9, 2023. After a brief delay from the anticipated June 22 start date, the time has finally come for beta testers to explore new features in this highly anticipated MMORPG.

What to Expect in the Second Closed Beta

Vawraek Technologies, the developers behind Quinfall, have released an exciting preview video highlighting the maritime activities available in this beta test. Players can expect a robust experience filled with various trading, combat, and customization options on the high seas.

Trade Bundles and Market Opportunities

Players will have the opportunity to engage in trading by purchasing trade bundles and selling them at different ports. This trading mechanic adds a significant layer of depth to the game, providing a dynamic economy where players must strategize on the best routes and trade goods to maximize profits.

Naval Combat: Strategy and Firepower

The open seas of Quinfall are not just for peaceful trade; they are also a battleground. Players can arm their vessels with powerful cannons, which can be fired automatically or manned by individuals for precise targeting. This feature adds a thrilling combat experience, where strategic positioning and teamwork can turn the tide in naval battles.

Customization: Furnishing Your Ship

Quinfall’s customization options extend to maritime adventures with the ability to decorate your ship. Much like the game’s housing system, players can place various furniture pieces on their vessels, making each ship unique. This personal touch allows players to create a floating home that reflects their style.

Life Skills and Professions

The new beta introduces an updated lifeskill UI, providing players with an extensive list of gathering, crafting, and trading professions. Whether you prefer the life of a boat merchant, trading goods across ports, or the thrilling high seas adventures of a pirate, Quinfall has something to offer.

Players can take on tasks from job boards and participate in auctions, further immersing themselves in the game’s economy and community. This variety of professions and activities ensures that every player can find a niche that suits their playstyle.

The Community’s Reaction

The launch of the second closed beta has created a buzz among the Quinfall community, with many players expressing excitement over the new maritime features. The combination of trading, combat, and customization is expected to draw a diverse group of players, each bringing their unique approach to the high seas.

Vawraek Technologies has also been active in communication, providing updates and addressing player feedback to ensure a smooth and enjoyable beta experience. This attention to the community’s needs is a positive sign for the game’s future.

Join the Adventure

If you were lucky enough to be selected for Quinfall’s second closed beta, it’s time to set sail and experience all the new maritime activities on offer. From trading and naval battles to customizing your ship and exploring various professions, there’s plenty to keep you engaged.

Even if you’re not part of this beta test, keep an eye on Quinfall’s official channels for future opportunities to join the adventure. The positive reception and promising features suggest a bright future for this MMORPG, making it an exciting title to watch.

Set your course, raise the sails, and dive into the rich world of Quinfall. Whether you’re a trader, a fighter, or a creative spirit, there’s a place for you on the high seas.

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