New Game Project by Bloober Team in Collaboration with Take-Two Set to be Announced Soon: What is Project C?

Bloober Team Unveils Mysterious New Game with Take-Two Interactive

Polish video game developer Bloober Team, renowned for its psychological horror titles, is embarking on a new adventure in collaboration with entertainment giant Take-Two Interactive. This partnership will give birth to “Project C,” an unannounced game based on an original IP.

Project C: A Fresh IP in the Making

Project C, jointly developed by Bloober Team and Take-Two’s Private Division, marks a significant milestone for the Polish studio. It signals their first original IP project under a new long-term strategy.

“This will be the next big step of Bloober Team in order to implement a long-term strategy,” stated Bloober Team in their annual report. “It will also be the first original project (IP belongs to Bloober Team) as part of the new strategy.”

Although details remain shrouded in secrecy, Bloober Team has hinted at an announcement later this year. “We can’t wait to show the effect of [our] work on this unique title,” they teased.

Project R: Skybound Entertainment’s IP Takes Center Stage

Concurrently, Bloober Team is also working on “Project R,” scheduled to premiere in 2025. This project is based on an IP owned by Skybound Entertainment, a company founded by renowned comic book creator Robert Kirkman, known for the popular “The Walking Dead” series.

“The Issuer concluded on December 20, 2023, a licensing and publishing agreement with Skybound Game Studios [] under which the Issuer was granted a license to create a game based on the IP owned by Skybound, which will be used as part of the production of the Issuer’s new project codenamed Project R’,” Bloober Team informed its shareholders.

Bloober Team’s Ambitious Future

While Project C and Project R remain shrouded in mystery, they underscore Bloober Team’s ambitious plans for the future. The studio is expanding its creative horizons, venturing beyond licensed properties and establishing its own original IPs.

“We are very confident and excited about Silent Hill 2 Remake,” Bloober Team stated in their annual report. “There is a lot of work ahead of us, but we are sure that we will deliver a game that will meet the expectations of the players and will do justice to the legacy of this iconic series.”

With the Silent Hill 2 Remake also in development, Bloober Team is poised for a busy and groundbreaking year. Stay tuned for more updates on these intriguing projects as they unfold.

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