Mastering Seraphim: A Comprehensive Guide to Heaven Burns Red Gameplay

Mastering Seraphim

How to Master Seraphim in Heaven Burns Red

How to Master Seraphim in Heaven Burns Red

If you’re venturing into the newly released English version of Heaven Burns Red, created by Jun Maeda, you’re not alone. Fans worldwide are eager to dive into the game’s rich storyline, epic battles, and intricate characters. A central gameplay mechanic is mastering the Seraphim, special weapons crucial to saving humanity. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you get started on the right foot.

Understanding the Basics

The game sets you amid a dire scenario where Earth is besieged by mysterious life-forms known as “the Phage.” Traditional human weaponry has failed, leading to the creation of “Seraph,” a groundbreaking weapon only effective against the Phage. Players take on the role of Ruka Kayamori and her special squad to wield these powerful Seraphim effectively.

Getting Started with Your Seraph

Weapon Understanding:

Each Seraph is unique to its wielder, reflecting their talents and abilities. This means understanding your Seraph’s strengths and limitations is key.

  • Ruka Kayamori: Former lead vocalist with potent balanced attacks.
  • Yuki Izumi: Hacker with technical and defensive skills.
  • Megumi Aikawa: Psychic abilities that can disrupt enemy tactics.
  • Tsukasa Tojo: Intel agent with reconnaissance benefits.
  • Karen Asakura: Dual personality enhances offensive capabilities.

Training and Leveling Up

Your Seraph will grow and become more potent through consistent use and proper training.

  • Daily Missions: Completing daily missions is a great way to earn experience points and items to enhance your Seraph.
  • Special Events: Participate in in-game events that provide unique challenges and rewards.
  • Practice Battles: Regularly engage in practice battles to hone your skills.

Perfecting Battle Techniques

Combat Strategies:

It’s essential to understand how to utilize your Seraph effectively in combat. Different Phages have different vulnerabilities. Knowing when and how to strike can make all the difference.

  • Coordination: Work together with your squad to create devastating combo attacks.
  • Know Your Enemy: Different Phages have different weaknesses. Adapt your strategy accordingly.
  • Use Terrain: Some battles will benefit from the terrain. Use it to your advantage.

In-Game Economy

Resources will be crucial in enhancing your Seraph and overall strategy.


  • Earn and Save: Earn in-game currency through battles and missions. Efficient management will help you upgrade your Seraph faster.
  • Spend Wisely: Focus on upgrading essential skills and Seraph capabilities before cosmetics and non-essentials.

Community and Support

Engage with Fellow Gamers:

Joining online communities can be incredibly helpful. Discuss strategies, share experiences, and stay updated on new game features.

  • Forums: Participate in game forums where players discuss tips and tricks.
  • Guilds: Form or join guilds to tackle more difficult challenges and share resources.

Key Takeaways

Mastering the Seraphim in Heaven Burns Red takes time, strategy, and community engagement. By understanding your weapons, practicing regularly, and engaging in the game’s rich ecosystem, you can rise to be one of humanity’s last hopes against the Phage. Happy gaming!

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