How will IGN Entertainment’s acquisition impact the Gamer Network family of websites?

How will IGN Entertainment's acquisition impact the Gamer Network family of websites?

IGN Entertainment Acquires Gamer Network Family of Websites

On Tuesday, IGN Entertainment announced its acquisition of the Gamer Network family of websites, which includes Eurogamer,, VG247, Rock Paper Shotgun, and Dicebreaker. This move signifies a significant shake-up in the gaming media landscape, with IGN Entertainment emerging as a major player.

Redundancies Within Gamer Network

Regrettably, the acquisition has also resulted in redundancies within the Gamer Network portfolio. The layoffs affected various departments and websites, reflecting the challenging economic climate for media companies. Eurogamer’s editorial staff remains unaffected, but the website acknowledges the loss of colleagues across the network.

IGN Entertainment’s Ambitions

IGN Entertainment, a division of Ziff Davis, is already home to renowned gaming brands such as IGN, Humble Bundle, and MapGenie. The acquisition of the Gamer Network family further expands its reach and influence in the gaming industry. IGN Entertainment aims to leverage the acquired websites’ expertise and established audiences to strengthen its position as a leading source of gaming news, reviews, and features.

Impact on Gamer Network Websites

While the long-term impact of IGN Entertainment’s acquisition remains to be seen, the immediate focus is on maintaining the editorial integrity and independence of the acquired websites. Eurogamer emphasizes its commitment to “tireless news reporting, definitive reviews, entertaining videos, trustworthy guides, and insightful features.”

The Future of Gaming Media

The acquisition of Gamer Network by IGN Entertainment is a testament to the evolving landscape of gaming media. As the industry continues to grow and diversify, media companies are seeking to consolidate and strengthen their positions. Consumers can expect a greater concentration of gaming content under fewer umbrellas, potentially affecting the range of perspectives and voices available.

Despite the redundancies and uncertainty surrounding the future of Gamer Network’s websites, there is optimism within the industry. IGN Entertainment has a proven track record of success and a commitment to quality gaming journalism. The acquisition could ultimately lead to increased resources and opportunities for the acquired brands, ultimately benefiting the gaming community.

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