How to Unlock Hidden Items Using Dog Tags in Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty Game

How to Unlock Hidden Items Using Dog Tags in Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty Game

Unlocking Hidden Treasures in ‘Metal Gear Solid 2’ with Dog Tags


In the iconic stealth masterpiece ‘Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty’, collecting dog tags from guards unlocks a variety of exclusive equipment. Acquiring these tags is essential for accessing advanced weaponry, camo suites, and auxiliary items that enhance your infiltration capabilities.

Dog Tag Acquisition

Hold Up Guards:

  • Approach a guard and hold down the weapon button to put them in a hold-up position.
  • Walk around to the front of the guard and aim at their head (or crotch) to prompt them to surrender a dog tag.

Identifying Guards with Dog Tags:

  • Equip thermal goggles or look for a shimmering effect below their neck to identify guards carrying dog tags.

Coercing Uncooperative Guards:

  • If a guard refuses to give up their tag, equip a lethal weapon and aim away from their head.
  • Fire a shot to scare them into surrendering the tag if they have one.

Exclusive Unlocks

At the end of the game, the number of dog tags collected determines the equipment you can unlock:

Snake’s Chapter:

  • 46 dog tags: Bandana (grants infinite ammo)
  • 76 dog tags: Stealth camo (makes you invisible so long as you don’t bump into a guard).

Raiden’s Chapter:

  • 73 dog tags: Infinity wig (grants Raiden infinite ammo)
  • 121 dog tags: Stealth camo
  • 170 dog tags: Wig B (lets you hang without losing grip)
  • 218 dog tags: Wig A (gives you infinite O2 when underwater)

Additional Tips

Looting Knocked-Out Guards:

  • Pick up unconscious guards and put them down to acquire items like ammo, bandages, or even rations.

Disabling Walkie-Talkies:

  • Shoot a walkie-talkie with a lethal weapon to prevent guards from calling for backup.
  • Aim directly at the guard’s radio on their back to disable it without alerting them.

Interactive Environment:

  • Objects like bottles and glass can be broken to create noise and distract guards.
  • In Olga’s boss battle, you can shoot out the tarp she uses for cover.

Stashing Guards in Lockers:

  • Knock out guards and drag them to lockers to hide them indefinitely. This prevents them from resuming their patrols.

Tactical Reloading:

  • Quickly unequip and re-equip a weapon to refill your magazine even if you haven’t spent all your bullets.

Preventing Game Over:

  • Keep rations equipped as they will automatically activate when your health drops to zero.

Improved Grip:

Hanging on a ledge and performing pull-ups increases your grip strength, allowing you to hang for longer.

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