How is EA Planning to Implement In-Game Ads in AAA Titles?

EA is Looking to Implement In-Game Ads in AAA Titles

Electronic Arts (EA), the gaming industry giant, is exploring the possibility of incorporating in-game advertising into its AAA titles, which are typically purchased upfront by players. This move, if implemented, would mark a significant shift in the company’s approach to monetization.

Prototyping Ads, Thoughtful Implementation

EA’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, confirmed the company’s plans during the company’s Q4 earnings call in response to questions about “the market opportunity for more dynamic ad insertion across more traditional AAA games.” He stated that EA has “teams internally in the company right now looking at how do we do very thoughtful implementations inside of our game experiences.”

Community-Based Advertising

Wilson also hinted at a broader vision beyond in-game advertising, suggesting that EA is considering “how do we think about advertising as a growth driver in those types of experiences,” referring to community-building initiatives outside the scope of traditional gameplay. While the specific nature of these initiatives remains unclear, it suggests that EA may be exploring new ways to engage with its players.

Historical Backlash, Future Concerns

EA has a history of implementing in-game advertising in its games, with mixed results. In 2020, the company attempted to introduce advertisement banners in “UFC 4,” but the move was met with significant backlash from players. Critics argued that the ads were intrusive and detracted from the gameplay experience.

If EA does decide to proceed with in-game advertising in AAA titles, it will need to carefully navigate these concerns. Striking a balance between generating revenue and maintaining player satisfaction will be crucial for the company’s reputation and long-term success.

Key Points

  • EA is exploring in-game advertising in AAA titles.
  • The company aims for thoughtful implementation, avoiding past backlash.
  • EA is also considering community-based advertising initiatives.
  • Historical attempts at in-game advertising have met with mixed results.
  • The balance between revenue and player satisfaction is paramount.

Industry Response

The news of EA’s plans for in-game advertising has garnered mixed reactions from the gaming industry. Some analysts believe it could be a lucrative revenue stream, while others express concerns about potential impacts on player experience. The industry will be watching closely as EA develops and implements its strategy.


EA’s exploration of in-game advertising in AAA titles is a significant development in the gaming industry. The company’s approach will undoubtedly shape the future of monetization practices and the overall player experience. As EA moves forward, it will need to carefully balance its financial goals with the expectations and desires of its customers.

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