How has Ed’s popularity in Street Fighter 6 changed over time compared to other DLC characters?

How has Ed's popularity in Street Fighter 6 changed over time compared to other DLC characters?

**Ed’s Popularity in Street Fighter 6: A Rollercoaster Ride**

Ed, the latest addition to the Street Fighter 6 roster, has seen a significant shift in popularity since his debut in March. While he initially soared to the top of the charts, his standing has since declined slightly, though he remains a popular choice among players.

**Ed’s Initial Surge**

Ed’s arrival in Street Fighter 6 was met with great excitement by fans. The charismatic Psycho Power user quickly climbed the popularity ladder, reaching the number one spot in overall rankings for March. This surge was likely due to Ed’s updated design, which received positive feedback for its stylish and powerful appearance.

**A Slight Dip**

The April popularity statistics, however, paint a different picture. Ed has dropped to fourth overall, a decline of almost 6%. This shift is likely attributed to players becoming more familiar with Ed’s strengths and weaknesses. Despite his initial dominance, Ed is considered to be one of the weaker characters in Street Fighter 6’s roster, leading to a slight decrease in his appeal.

**Still Outperforming Predecessors**

Despite his fall in the overall rankings, Ed remains more popular than his two predecessors, Rashid and A.K.I. Ed’s current standing is still higher than either character’s peak popularity during their first months in the game. This suggests that Capcom has found a strong balance for Ed, appealing to a significant number of players.

**Akuma on the Horizon**

With the announcement of Akuma as the next DLC character, many anticipate a shift in the popularity rankings once again. The iconic shoto is one of the most beloved characters in the Street Fighter franchise and is widely expected to dominate the charts upon his release.


Ed’s popularity in Street Fighter 6 has experienced a rollercoaster ride over the past few months. While he initially soared to the top, he has since seen a slight decline. However, Ed remains a popular choice among players and continues to outperform his predecessors. With the upcoming arrival of Akuma, it will be intriguing to see how the popularity dynamics evolve once more.
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