How does Star Wars: Hunters introduce a new element to Star Wars storytelling?

How does Star Wars

Star Wars: Hunters – A New Element to Star Wars Storytelling

### Arena Combat and “Playful Reverence”

Star Wars: Hunters, the upcoming team-based battle arena shooter from Zynga and Lucasfilm Games, introduces a unique element to Star Wars storytelling: arena combat. Set to launch on June 4 for Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch, the game features fast-paced multiplayer clashes across iconic Star Wars locations.

Art director Dominic Estephane highlights the “playful reverence” approach to character design, creating over-the-top yet authentic Star Wars archetypes. From J-3DI, a droid programmed to believe it’s a Jedi, to Utooni, a duo of Jawas stacked in a trench coat, Hunters balances respect for the lore with a lighthearted twist.

### Pro Wrestling Influence and Sports Broadcast Style

Estephane draws inspiration from pro wrestling, influencing the larger-than-life personalities of the Hunters. Each fighter has a customized persona, flashy entrance music, and a signature “Hunter’s spectacle.” The game also features a live broadcast presentation with commentators Boz Vega and LX-1, akin to a sporting event.

### Expansion of Star Wars Entertainment

Hunters expands the realm of Star Wars entertainment, showcasing the existence of sports and leisure in the galaxy far, far away. Estephane sees potential for future exploration of this concept, similar to podracing in The Phantom Menace.

### Characters and Gameplay

The game’s cinematic trailer reveals several Hunters, including Grozz, a former Huttball pro, and Aran Tal and Imara Vex, a Mandalorian and bounty hunter with a rivalry. Players can choose from a variety of game modes, including Squad Brawl, Dynamic Control, and Trophy Chase, offering both competitive and cooperative gameplay.

### Pre-Registration Rewards and Launch Excitement

Players can pre-register now for special rewards at The developers at Zynga express their excitement for fans to finally experience the world of Hunters. As Estephane puts it, “We’ve left our toys in the toy box, and someone else can come in and play around with that, and expand on that idea of entertainment in the galaxy.”

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