How does Another Crab’s Treasure make soulslike games more accessible?

How does Another Crab's Treasure make soulslike games more accessible?


How Another Crab’s Treasure Smooths the Choppy Waters of Soulslike Games

A Brighter Hue on the Seas of Darkness

Another Crab’s Treasure’s vibrant hues are a refreshing departure from the gloomy depths of traditional soulslike games. Its cheerful aesthetic, featuring undersea hijinks and a playful protagonist, provides a visually stimulating experience that stands out in the genre. This vibrant world, coupled with the distinctive primary color palette, enhances visibility and distinguishes characters and objects clearly, making gameplay more accessible.

Simplifying Soulslike Combat

Unlike its predecessors, Another Crab’s Treasure simplifies the combat loop, reducing stats to only four: health, stamina, attack power, and defense. This streamlined approach makes the game more approachable for newcomers and reduces the complexity often associated with soulslike titles.

A Customizable Experience

To further enhance accessibility, Another Crab’s Treasure offers a comprehensive range of assist features. Players can tailor the gameplay to their skill level by adjusting incoming damage, enemy health, shell durability, and dodge invincibility. The option to slow down the game’s pace can provide an added advantage for players seeking a less intense experience.

Making the Unforgiving Accessible

In addition to combat-focused accessibility, Another Crab’s Treasure includes features that alleviate frustration. Players can opt to prevent fall damage, reduce the risk of losing currency upon death, and respawn near bosses with items intact. The pause function, often absent in single-player soulslike games, is a welcome addition that allows players to take a break without losing progress.

Challenges Remain

Despite its accessibility options, Another Crab’s Treasure remains a challenging experience. The game’s difficulty hasn’t been diminished, but rather shifted to create a dynamic interplay between challenge and accessibility. Players can now approach the game with a greater sense of control over their experience, reducing the grind and frustration often associated with soulslike titles.

Accessibility Beyond Combat

While Another Crab’s Treasure excels in combat accessibility, there are areas that fall short. The game lacks voice prompts and text-to-speech functions, limiting accessibility for blind and visually impaired players. Certain areas can be confusing to navigate, and the map’s usefulness is comparable to Elden Ring’s infamous reference map.

Legacy and Impact

Another Crab’s Treasure’s bold embrace of accessibility sets a precedent for future soulslike games. By empowering players with control over their experience, the game opens the genre to a wider audience. It demonstrates that soulslikes can retain their challenge while welcoming players of varying skill levels and preferences.

A Timely Reminder

Amidst the genre’s reputation for difficulty, Another Crab’s Treasure serves as a timely reminder that soulslikes can be enjoyable experiences. Its accessible design, colorful world, and playful attitude balance the challenge and create a unique and engaging adventure.


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