How Does Amanda Keller Cope with Balancing Her Son’s Birthday and Her Husband’s Parkinson’s Disease?

How Does Amanda Keller Cope with Balancing Her Son's Birthday and Her Husband's Parkinson's Disease?

Amanda Keller’s Journey: Balancing a Milestone Celebration Amidst Parkinson’s

The Strength of a Mother and Wife

On a recent episode of the “Jonesy and Amanda” show, radio personality Amanda Keller shared a deeply personal and emotional experience. As she celebrated her son Jack’s 21st birthday, her heart was heavy with the challenges her husband Harley faced due to Parkinson’s disease.

A Challenging Preparation

Keller found it particularly difficult to plan Jack’s birthday party because creating a meaningful slideshow, a task typically handled by Harley, was no longer possible. The reality of Harley’s condition weighed heavily on her.

An Unexpected Surprise

However, on the eve of the party, Keller received an unexpected surprise. Harley, despite his health struggles, managed to attend the celebration. “There we are, having a great time,” she recalled. “Suddenly, my friend said, ‘There’s Harley.’ I looked over… He said to me, ‘How could I not be here?'”

A Moment of Emotion and Gratitude

Harley’s presence at the party brought tears to Keller’s eyes. She realized how important it was for Harley to share this momentous occasion with his family, despite his illness. “It made it that much more special,” she said.

Honoring a Son and Embracing the Future

Alongside the challenges, Keller also took the opportunity to celebrate her son’s achievements. In an Instagram post, she praised Jack’s spirit and expressed her excitement for his future endeavors. “He’s been taking the world by storm,” she wrote. “You’re a brilliant son to me and your Dad.”

Navigating Parkinson’s as a Family

Keller’s journey is a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by families living with Parkinson’s disease. However, it also highlights the unwavering strength, resilience, and love that can serve as a beacon of light during difficult times.

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