How did Greta Lee achieve her edgy hairstyle at the 2024 Met Gala?

How did Greta Lee achieve her edgy hairstyle at the 2024 Met Gala?

Greta Lee’s Edgy Micro-Bangs Steal the Spotlight at the 2024 Met Gala

The 2024 Met Gala, a celestial celebration of fashion and art, welcomed first-time attendee Greta Lee, who made a bold statement with her edgy micro-bangs.

The Micro-Bang Revolution

Micro-bangs, once popular in the 1950s, have made a resurgence, and Lee embraced the trend with a daring choppy cut that framed her face and accentuated her eyes.

To achieve the look, Lee’s hairstylist Jenny Cho utilized a black wig, giving it a blunt, shag-like cut with extra-short bangs. The result was a striking juxtaposition against Lee’s delicate, floral-embellished Loewe gown.

The Inspiration Behind the Look

In an interview with ELLE, Cho revealed that the inspiration for Lee’s hairstyle came from the androgynous, boyish haircut of the legendary model Stella Tennant. However, they added a twist by leaving the back of the wig longer to complement the gown’s coverage of Lee’s face.

To style the hair, Cho utilized a combination of Fekkai products, including the Clean Stylers Root Lift Volume Spray, Flexi-Hold Hairspray, and Brilliant Gloss Finishing Cream. The goal was to create a lived-in, voluminous look that would endure throughout the evening.

Makeup that Complements the Hair

Lee’s makeup artist, Nina Park, complemented the micro-bangs with a clean, rosy look using Addiction Tokyo products. She drew inspiration from the celestial hues of the event’s theme, opting for a pink and coral palette that highlighted Lee’s cheeks and created a radiant glow.

The combination of the edgy hairstyle and soft makeup created a futuristic and confident aura, perfectly embodying the spirit of the Met Gala.

The Confidence Factor

Micro-bangs can be a bold choice, but Lee wore them with an air of effortless cool. Confidence is key when sporting this daring style, and it perfectly encapsulated Lee’s fashion-forward persona.

For those considering embracing the micro-bang trend, Lee’s Met Gala look serves as inspiration. It proves that with the right attitude, the edgy hairstyle can elevate any fashion statement and leave a lasting impression.

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