How could Triple H benefit from Jade Cargill moving to WWE RAW in the 2024 Draft?

How could Triple H benefit from Jade Cargill moving to WWE RAW in the 2024 Draft?

Triple H’s Strategy: Jade Cargill’s Move to RAW and the Implications for WWE

The upcoming edition of Monday Night RAW will feature the much-anticipated second night of the WWE Draft 2024, where Triple H, the Chief Content Officer, has the opportunity to unveil surprising moves. One potential bombshell could involve the acquisition of 31-year-old star Jade Cargill, who might become RAW’s first pick on the final night of the draft.

The Unique Angle: Cargill and Belair’s Tag Team Title Conundrum

Jade Cargill, the former TBS Champion, and Bianca Belair are currently set to challenge The Kabuki Warriors for the Women’s Tag Team Championship at the Backlash premium live event. If Cargill and Belair emerge victorious, they would find themselves in a peculiar situation. With the WWE Draft potentially separating them onto different rosters after the event, they would be eligible to appear on both brands as Women’s Tag Team Champions.

However, it’s worth considering the potential implications if Cargill and Belair lose their championship. In such a scenario, WWE Draft rules would immediately come into effect, marking their separation and forbidding any future rematches or crossovers due to their placements on different rosters.

Triple H’s Strategic Advantage: Elevating the Women’s Division

Should Jade Cargill move to RAW during the WWE Draft, it would present a unique opportunity for Triple H to weave an intriguing storyline. The possibility of Cargill and Belair losing the championship would set the stage for a different dynamic, leading to a series of compelling matches between the two stars and potentially even a future showdown if one of them were to turn on the other.

By establishing Cargill as RAW’s first pick, Triple H could significantly elevate her status and provide her with a major boost of momentum within the Stamford-based promotion. This move would also hold significant implications for RAW itself, as the show prepares to shift to Netflix next year.

The Ripple Effects: Revitalizing the Tag Team Division and Beyond

Triple H’s strategic move could have far-reaching benefits for WWE’s women’s division. By placing Cargill and Belair as Women’s Tag Team Champions, he could elevate the championship’s prestige, which has faced criticism in the past. The dominance of these two juggernauts as tag team champions could revitalize the division and establish Triple H’s vision for the future of women’s wrestling.

Moreover, the storyline possibilities extend far beyond the Women’s Tag Team Championship. The seeds of a blockbuster match between Cargill and Belair could be sown, ensuring a compelling rivalry that would attract fans and generate buzz.

Conclusion: A Smart Move for Triple H and WWE

Jade Cargill’s potential move to Monday Night RAW during the WWE Draft 2024 presents a wealth of opportunities for Triple H to showcase his strategic brilliance. The storyline possibilities, the elevation of the Women’s Tag Team Championship, and the revitalization of the tag team division are all potential outcomes of this bold move. With RAW’s impending transition to Netflix, Cargill’s acquisition could be a game-changer for the flagship show and for WWE as a whole.
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