**How (And Why) To Become A Mentor in Final Fantasy XIV**

**How (And Why) To Become A Mentor in Final Fantasy XIV**

Final Fantasy XIV makes it easy to enhance your character’s appearance, but achieving a flashier display name comes with greater responsibility. The small crowns you see next to some players’ names denote that they are Mentors, knowledgeable players who are (ideally) skilled at guiding newer players through the realms of Eorzea. It’s a prestigious status, and that alone could be enough motivation for some to pursue the title. But beyond the recognition, what other advantages come with becoming a Mentor in Final Fantasy XIV?


  • Have an active Final Fantasy XIV account
  • Character Level: 90
  • Job Level: 50 in Eight different Disciple of War or Magic jobs
  • Commendation Score: 3000 or more
  • Participate in the Mentor Roulette 15 times
  • Submit a Mentor Application
  • Pass a Quiz


Aside from the aforementioned bragging rights, Mentors enjoy several in-game perks:

  • Crown Icon: Display the prestigious crown next to your display name.
  • Bonus Experience: Earn bonus experience points when running dungeons with novice players through the Mentor Roulette feature.
  • Access to Special Duties: Participate in exclusive Mentor-only duties and earn special rewards.
  • Priority Access to New Dungeons: Gain priority access to new dungeons when they are released.
  • Skip Cutscenes: Fast-forward through cutscenes while running dungeons with novice players.


With the perks come a set of responsibilities that Mentors are expected to fulfill:

  • Be Patient and Helpful: Mentors should be patient and willing to answer questions from novice players.
  • Follow the Guidelines: Mentors must adhere to Square Enix’s Mentor guidelines, which include refraining from using offensive language and promoting a positive gaming environment.
  • Attend Mentor Training: Committed Mentors can participate in Square Enix’s Mentor training sessions to enhance their skills.


Becoming a Mentor in Final Fantasy XIV is a rewarding experience that allows players to give back to the community and earn exclusive benefits. While the requirements may seem daunting, the sense of fulfillment and the ability to make a positive impact on new players make it all worthwhile. If you’re an experienced player with a passion for helping others, consider applying to become a Mentor today.

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