Get On My Level X: Smash Bros. and More at Canada’s Premier Tournament

Get On My Level X

### Super Smash Bros. Dominates, Other Games Shine

Get On My Level X, Toronto’s renowned fighting game tournament, has returned for its tenth installment, featuring a star-studded lineup and intense competition across multiple titles.

Super Smash Bros. Melee and Ultimate take center stage with over 1,400 players registered, showcasing the game’s enduring popularity. But other games have also garnered significant interest:

– **Rivals 2**: A platform fighter with unique characters and mechanics, featuring over 150 players.
– **Street Fighter 6**: Capcom’s latest installment of the iconic fighting game series, with around 150 participants.
– **Tekken 8**: The latest entry in the iconic 3D fighting game franchise, drawing over 120 competitors.

### Get On My Level X: Day 2 Update

The tournament’s second day brought more thrilling matches and upsets:

– **Super Smash Bros. Melee Top 8**: Hungrybox, Mango, Cody Schwab, and Zain advanced to the final day of competition, while top players like n0ne and Spark fell short.
– **Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Top 8**: Riddles, Tweek, Kola, and Light are among the favorites to compete for the championship.
– **Rivals 2 Top 8**: Bosshog, Lucius, Kusi, and ZeeBee remain in contention for the title.
– **Street Fighter 6 Top 8**: MenaRD, Slice, Riddles, and Brutus are set to battle for the crown.
– **Tekken 8 Top 8**: FearOfSilence, PoK8, Ryu Housen, and Demon20z are the frontrunners in the tournament.

### Intense Competition and International Flair

Players from around the world have flocked to Toronto for Get On My Level X, making for a truly global event. The tournament’s livestreams have garnered hundreds of thousands of viewers, showcasing the passionate community surrounding these competitive games.

MenaRD, a top player from the United States, has been a standout performer in both Street Fighter 6 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, highlighting the diverse skillsets of these top competitors.

### Game Highlights

**Rivals 2**: Bosshog’s Kragg and ZeeBee’s Wrastor have dominated the competition, showcasing the game’s fast-paced and technical gameplay.

**Street Fighter 6**: MenaRD’s Blanka and Riddles’ Luke have been unstoppable forces, demonstrating the depth and strategy of the latest installment in the iconic series.

**Tekken 8**: FearOfSilence’s Dragunov and PoK8’s Hwoarang have emerged as favorites, showcasing the game’s intense 3D combat and complex character mechanics.

Get On My Level X continues to provide thrilling competition and memorable moments for the fighting game community. With the final day of play fast approaching, the stage is set for epic battles and crowned champions.
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