Final Fantasy XIV Introduces Viper Job Inspired by Sword Art Onlines Kirito

By Divya Jun 11, 2024 #Kirito #Viper Job
Final Fantasy XIV Introduces Viper Job Inspired by Sword Art Online's Kirito

Final Fantasy XIV Devs Bring the Viper Job to Life

In a recent interview, Director Naoki Yoshida revealed that the Viper job in Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming expansion, Dawntrail, was created in response to players’ requests for a dual-wielding swordsman like Kirito from the popular anime series Sword Art Online.

A Dual-Wielding Dream Come True

The Viper job in Dawntrail allows players to wield two swords simultaneously, a feature that has been highly sought after by many in the Final Fantasy XIV community. This class brings a unique and flashy combat style to the game, with players building up a gauge over time to unleash devastating combo attacks.

Inspired by Kirito

Director Yoshida explained that the Viper job was directly influenced by players’ desires to play a character similar to Kirito from Sword Art Online.

“We received a lot of feedback from players around the world that if we were to implement another melee DPS, they would want to have a job where they could use two swords,” Yoshida said.

“It was often that they would provide an example, like Kirito from Sword Art Online.”

Immersive and Empowering Combat

While Kirito is known for his immense power in Sword Art Online, the Viper job in Final Fantasy XIV focuses on the gradual increase in strength as players progress through combat.

“For Viper, we thought about showcasing that sensation of becoming strong and for the player to become focused on their actions and getting absorbed into battle,” Yoshida explained.

With its flashy combat style, dual-wielding capabilities, and the inspiration drawn from the iconic anime character Kirito, the Viper job promises to be a thrilling addition to the world of Final Fantasy XIV.

Key Features of the Viper Job:

* Dual-wielding swords for a unique combat style
* Gauge-based system for building up to powerful combos
* Fast-paced and flashy DPS gameplay
* Inspired by the popular anime character Kirito from Sword Art Online
* Focus on immersing players in battle and building up their strength

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